Kingston Ash Landfill Changes Fraught with Concerns

December 30th marked the end of a public comment period around a draft permit for storage of coal ash waste at TVA’s Kingston plant in East Tennessee – the very location of the coal ash tragedy of six years ago. The Tennessee Department of Environmental Conservation (TDEC), who must decide to grant or deny TVA’s […]

Coal Ash Still Has North Carolina Stumped

In our work to promote clean, healthy and safe energy choices in the Southeast, Southern Alliance for Clean Energy tackles some pretty complex issues; from the big-picture question of how to reduce our contribution to carbon pollution to the economic and policy implications of new clean energy technologies and environmental regulations. Solving the Southeast’s coal ash […]

Dan River spill spurs major ash clean up orders

Over a month has passed since a broken stormwater pipe under coal ash lagoons at Duke Energy’s retired Dan River power station began spewing 140,000 tons of toxic waste into the Dan River*. The nation’s 3rd largest coal ash disaster has been fraught with scandal and news about the intimate relationship between Duke Energy and NC Department […]

No More Sweetheart Coal Ash Deals

While old-fashioned romance might go over well with your sweetie this Valentine’s day, old-fashioned coal ash dumps scattered across the Southeast need to go. The recent Dan River coal ash spill once again proved that leaving millions of gallons of toxic waste in unlined pits next to our rivers, lakes and streams is no way […]

Working Together for a Nuclear Free, Carbon Free Energy Future

A version of the below blog was originally posted by Southern Energy Network’s Florida Organizer, Jacquie Ayala. Find more of her blogs here. She was joined at the SE Nuclear Summit by Southern Alliance for Clean Energy’s High Risk Energy Choices Program Director, Sara Barczak. At the end of June, in the blistering heat of […]

New Retail Biodiesel Station Opening in Atlanta

We are pleased to announce that we are re-opening our retail biodiesel fueling station in Atlanta.  Our new fueling station is hooked up, fueled up, and is currently being tested!  We will host a grand opening and ribbon-cutting at the station on June 21 from 12-2 p.m. For details, click here and please stop by! […]

SACE 100 New Nukes Response

Senator Alexander’s recently unveiled “Blueprint for 100 Nuclear Power Plants in 20 years” will neither reduce energy costs nor provide clean energy. The “Blueprint” is part of the GOP’s four-step plan to provide “low-cost clean energy” that completely ignores energy conservation and efficiency. (Even though FERC Chairman Jon Wellinghof recently stated we may not need […]