Worst Solar Year Since 2011? TVA on Track for an Embarrassing Record Low

SACE, along with other member of the Tennesseans for Solar Choice coalition, hosted a press conference last Thursday, Summer Solstice 2018 to raise the alarm on TVA’s continue lack of solar progress and broken solar programs.

Electric Vehicle Weekly News Roundup – June 22

Happy Friday!  Yesterday, we celebrated the longest day of the year and feel blessed with plentiful sunshine that can power our homes AND our cars.  This week, SACE’s Dory Larsen attended one of the leading EV conferences in the country, EV Roadmap, hosted annually by Forth.  Forth is leading electric mobility efforts in the northwest […]

Sun Rises on Solar Day 2012

Happy Summer Solstice! Today’s the day that solar energy advocates and panel purveyors eagerly await – the longest day, with the most sunshine, of the year. After today, it’s downhill back to fewer light hours, and towards the dark and sad Winter Solstice. To take advantage of the Solstice, a group out of California has […]