Georgia, South Carolina Nuclear Reactors “On Time, Under Budget”

Just kidding! April Fool’s!

I know, I know…we did this last year too, but it’s not our fault that Southern Company and SCANA offered up April Fool’s 2016 as completion dates for the first new nuclear reactors at Plant Vogtle in Georgia and V.C. Summer in South Carolina picked April Fool’s 2017 for the next two new reactors at each site. You heard that right: roughly 4400 megawatts (MW) of new nuclear generation were supposed to be flowing through transmission lines by now.

Wind Farm Fact Check

Wind power is wildly popular. But, wind power hasn’t been as quick to catch on here in the south, so we get a lot of questions and comments about wind energy. Let’s clear the air on wind farms.

President Obama emphasizes climate legacy in SOTU, but will he earn it?

Last night, President Obama delivered his final State of the Union address, which strongly emphasized the role he hopes that having acted on climate change and spurring the clean energy economy will play in his legacy.

Nirvana Fallacy: Must Wind Energy be 100%?

Nirvana Fallacies are ways to justify the status quo. Put another way, the “Perfect is the enemy of the Good.” In some bizarre sense, these fallacies implicitly claim that wind energy is worse than the status quo; and that therefore, fossil fuels are somehow the best option. Wind energy may not be perfect (no energy resource is perfect), but it certainly is lightyears ahead of the status quo.

Tax Policy Can Create Level Playing Field

While federal tax policy has helped create the level playing field needed for a surge of wind power growth, regular expiration and renewal of the Production Tax Credit (PTC) has also caused a lot of unnecessary steps backward. All while other forms of energy enjoy long-term policy support.

Wind Energy Worth the Investment

To support this American-made industry and many other sources of energy, President George H.W. Bush passed the Production Tax Credit in the early 1990s. Every president since then has renewed this tax credit in order to reduce the overall tax burden on the relatively new wind industry, highlighting its wide bipartisan support. The Production Tax Credit for wind energy has historically been renewed on somewhat of an annual basis; but because of the dysfunction of the current Congress, the tax credit has recently lapsed.

The New Nuclear Craze

This op-ed by Mark Bittman, originally appeared here in the New York Times. There is a new discussion about nuclear energy, prompted by well-founded concerns about carbon emissions and fueled by a pro-nuclear documentary called “Pandora’s Promise.” Add a statement by James E. Hansen — who famously sounded the alarm on climate change — and, [...]

How is the Nuclear Industry Evading the Long Arm of the Sequester?

SACE’s High Risk Energy Choices Director, Sara Barczak, contributed to this blog post. In April, I returned to Washington, D.C. to participate in the Alliance for Nuclear Accountability’s annual DC Days event. I joined activists from all over the country who actively work to increase the safety, transparency, and accountability of the nuclear energy industry [...]

Did Obama Spend $90 Billion on Green Energy?

UPDATE: In the Vice Presidential Debate between Joe Biden and Paul Ryan, the topic on green energy was raised again. Paul Ryan said, “Was it a good idea to spend taxpayer dollars on electric cars in Finland, or on windmills in China?” He was referencing money spent from the stimulus (ARRA) funding; however, it never happened. Sarah Palin began this false assertion back in 2010. In 2012, the Romney campaign created an attack ad asserting the same line that Sarah Palin used. In both cases, PolitiFact rated the claim as some form of FALSE. The Romney campaign has since removed their attack ad from YouTube.

Solar and Wind Energy Subsidies Should Continue Forever

This blog, written by Zachary Shahan, was originally posted on Cleantechnica and can be found here. It seems that every day I’m reading (or even writing) about solar and wind energy’s prices and potential without government subsidies — but it is really ridiculous that dropping government subsidies should even be on the table. Amongst the [...]