Faith Communities Must Take a Stand for a Livable Climate

In the US, many of the leading Protestant denominations have made official declarations on climate change, including the United Methodist Church, the Episcopal Church, Presbyterian Church USA, the Evangelical Lutheran Church of America, the United Church of Christ, and the Southern Baptist Convention, which is the largest denomination in our state by far and the country’s second-largest denomination after the Catholic Church. A broad consensus has finally emerged among faith leaders, but simply acknowledging climate change is not enough. It’s time for us to hold our local faith communities accountable for taking bold action to prevent the worst potential impacts of climate change. We need persistent activists who can reach these communities in a way that can inspire political transformation. This work can be taxing, but within our faith traditions, we can also find messages of hope and the spiritual tools for self-care we need to stay effective as activists. Meditation, prayer, intentional gratitude and healthy living can help us to stay resilient and motivated. It’s also crucial that we lead by example by reducing our own carbon footprints, while mindfully avoiding the spiritual poisons of consumerism, vitriol and cynicism.

VFW Post Goes Solar, Serves Vets, Saves Money, and Protects Environment in SC

Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW) Post 10804 in Little River, SC went solar this year with the help of a student group from nearby Coastal Carolina University. The 15.1 kilowatt solar installation will keep the VFW’s electricity bills low, allowing them to spend more of their budget directly on their core mission of serving veterans through camaraderie, veteran advocacy, and programs like job training and financial support.

Election Day is TOMORROW – Are You Ready?

This year’s midterm election has huge implications for energy issues in the Southeast, and we are hearing that voters have been turning out in record numbers to make their voice heard. Elected leaders in local, state, and federal offices drive policy decisions that impact energy choices in your community. Voting for leaders that reflect your values has […]

VW Settlement Update

In July 2016, Volkswagen (VW) agreed to a multiple-part settlement with the Environmental Protection Agency as a result of the illegal installation of ‘defeat devices’ on their diesel engines in violation of the Clean Air Act. There are two key programs of that settlement that offer emissions reduction opportunities for states: 1. A Zero Emissions […]

Thinking of you as Hurricane Florence approaches the Southeast

As Hurricane Florence approaches, please know we are thinking of you and your families, especially in the Carolinas. If you are still preparing for the arrival of this storm, click here for some helpful preparation tips from the National Hurricane Survival Initiative. We are right here with you tracking Hurricane Florence and preparing to rebuild […]

Where the 2018 Candidates Stand on Energy: Democratic Nominee for South Carolina Governor James Smith

Where the 2018 Candidates Stand on Energy: Democratic Nominee for South Carolina Governor James Smith

Where the 2018 Candidates Stand on Energy: Republican Nominee for South Carolina Governor Henry McMaster

Where the 2018 Candidates Stand on Energy: Republican Nominee for South Carolina Governor Henry McMaster

Electric Vehicle Weekly News Roundup – Aug 24

Electric Vehicles This week, Interesting Engineering highlights fourteen electric vehicles in What Are the Best Electric Cars of 2018? The article also takes a trip back-in-time sharing with readers a little history lesson on the early beginnings of electric vehicles. Ken Kimmell, President of the Union of Concerned Scientists, offered up a piece called Union Of Concerned […]

Where the 2018 Candidates Stand on Energy

This post is the first in a series of blogs examining where 2018 candidates for state and federal offices in the Southeast stand on key energy and climate issues. Note: The Southern Alliance for Clean Energy does not support or oppose candidates or political parties. Links to reports, candidate websites and outside sources are provided as […]

Is sea level rise already impacting your property value?

The rate of sea level rise has been accelerating in recent decades, and a recent study by First Street Foundation shows that homes in the southeastern U.S. are already losing value as a result.    According to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), scientists are “very confident” that we will see a global average sea level rise […]