Protecting Renewable Portfolio Standards from Cynical Attacks

This guest post was written by Mindy Luber, President of Ceres and Director of the Investor Network on Climate Risk (INCR) and was originally published on on March 19, 2013. It has been re-posted here with permission. Unless you’re talking about motherhood and apple pie, it’s nearly impossible to get 80 percent of voters [...]

Putting the Sun in Sundries: Leading retailers shaming solar-shy southeast

Some of America’s best-known retailers are looking bright when it comes to solar energy. And showing that low costs and high growth go hand-in-hand with solar. Leading the pack in solar energy among retailers is none other than Walmart, whose solar PV panels pack almost as much punch as the entire installed capacity of solar [...]

When a Clean Energy Standard is None of the Above

A new report has been released by the Energy Information Administration (U.S. Department of Energy) analyzing the impacts of a so-called federal “Clean Energy Standard.” But before we delve into the study, a bit of political history is necessary to put the CES and this analysis in context. President Obama jumped onto the CES bandwagon in [...]

NC Governor Seeks Public Input for Offshore Energy Future

In response to a proposed federal natural gas and oil leasing program for the Atlantic, Governor Beverly Perdue of North Carolina created (by executive order) a Scientific Advisory Panel on Offshore Energy in September 2009. The stated purpose of this panel is to evaluate all offshore energy options (wind, tidal, gas, oil, etc.) and develop [...]

Who has the Power? You Do! Take this Quiz

There are persistent myths in the field of renewable energy and energy efficiency. One such myth – promoted by the coal industry and their utility friends – is that the Southeast doesn’t have any renewable energy resources. This myth appears in different forms – from renewable energy resources are too expensive or too diffuse, to [...]

Is Biomass Electricity a Smart Thing to Do?

Visiting with relatives over the holidays, I was asked, “is biomass electricity a smart thing to do?”

Jacksonville solar project a reminder of what could be in Florida

Renewable energy prospects in Florida may be cloudy this political season, but there are some bright rays in the Sunshine State.  Jacksonville’s municipal electric utility (JEA) and its project partners, PSEG Solar Source (owner/operator) and juwi solar (original developer), just dedicated a 15 MW solar power generating facility on the city’s west side. This is [...]

Federal Agency Knocks PACE Off Course

Florida Clean Energy Needs Leadership The Federal Housing Finance Agency (FHFA, the U.S. housing finance regulator) recently solidified its opposition to Property Assessed Clean Energy (PACE) financing. The lone renewable energy initiative that won support in the 2010 Florida legislature, charting state-wide procedures for PACE, was the only move for clean energy the Florida legislature made since [...]

An oil spill but no energy bill: where do we go from here?

To many people, it seemed inevitable that 2010 would be The Year we passed The Climate & Energy Bill to overhaul the way we make and consume energy in this country.  The stage was set in 2008 when Democrats gained control of both the Congress and the White House and pledged to reduce carbon pollution.  [...]

Too little, too late? Congress may fail to move from oil spill to a robust energy bill

After decades of scientific data gathering, years of growing public and business support and more than three months of an unmitigated environmental catastrophe, it is reasonable to expect that citizens and leaders would all support a paradigm shift in U.S. energy policy. In fact, even before BP’s Gulf oil disaster began, President Obama and Congress [...]