EV Range: How far can an electric vehicle take you?

The most frequent question I get when talking about electric vehicles (EVs) is how far can they go?  There is no single answer — it depends on your choice of EV! Today, there are now a growing number of diverse EVs on the market. Battery electric vehicles run exclusively on electricity via batteries (often referred […]

How to beat EV range anxiety? Say hello to the Chevy Bolt!

Do you remember the first time you heard about the iPhone? Like me, did you think “why would I need a phone that did all that?” How long did it take before you were a proud owner and realized that you couldn’t live without it? My bet is that it didn’t take you long. Now, […]

Electric Vehicle Range – Problem Solved

This blog is part of a series on electric vehicles. Other blogs in this series include: “Ecotality Blinks Out, But EVs Still Going” and more yet to come. Please also help us spread the word about the benefits and future opportunities for electric vehicles on National Plug In Day, Sept. 28-29. Plug In 2013 Conference is also being held this […]

Is the End of EV Range Anxiety in Sight? Nine Strategies To Put EV Owners At Ease

This blog by Laurie Guevara-Stone, a writer and editor at Rocky Mountain Institute, originally appeared on the RMI Outlet, here. In the early days of the automobile, travel required careful planning. There were no convenient places to fill up your car—gasoline had to be obtained at “bulk depots” located outside of the cities. In 1905 […]

Going the Distance: Range Anxiety Overlooks the EV Sweet Spot

This blog by Rocky Mountain Institute’s Editorial Director, Peter Bronski, originally appeared on the RMI Outlet, here. There’s a famous clip from the sitcom Seinfeld, where Kramer takes a car out for a test drive and—with a nervous but eventually supportive salesman in the passenger seat—sees just how far he can drive with the needle […]

A Rollicking EV Romp

If you follow this blog regularly, you know that my posts tend towards technical and, well, boring. You’ll have to take that up with my editors. I assure you that my first drafts are always rollicking romps through environmental policy. I do recognize though that analyzing coal retirements and administrative rulemakings are informative at best. […]