Will Plant Vogtle Nuke Georgia Power Bills? Act Now!

This has been an intense week for the Plant Vogtle nuclear expansion project so here’s a quick blog to get you updated. SACE has been on the ground at the public hearings all week where we learned that Georgia’s Public Service Commissioners have expedited their timeline to make a decision on Georgia Power’s request to double the estimated costs for Plant Vogtle by Dec 21st, not February 2018, like originally scheduled! Georgia Power is asking to push those costs onto YOU, instead of its shareholders. With less time to flood the inboxes of the Commissioners, we really need your help!

Are industrial power customers favored too much?

Across the Southeast, industrial power customers get special perks. One reason is that they can afford to hire lawyers and experts to persist in asking for the most favorable treatment they can get. One example of this is the advance payment for Georgia Power Company’s Plant Vogtle nuclear expansion project. Georgia Power customers have already [...]

February 2016 – SACE’s Wired In Newsletter

Enjoy SACE’s Wired In newsletter for the month of February, where staff provides updates on energy issues across the Southeast.

Life in Japan One Year After Fukushima

Last August, I shared with you what living in Japan was like for me after those fateful events on March 11, 2011. At the time, I was proud to highlight the bravery and strength of the Japanese people and excited to tell you about some of the generosity I witnessed and participated in during the [...]

Remembering Fukushima One Year Later

The tragic natural disasters that struck Japan on March 11, 2011 — a massive earthquake and horrifying tsunami — forever changed the lives for tens of thousands of Japanese, killing more than 20,000 people, and also impacted people across the world. The resulting nuclear disaster that unfolded, and is still underway, at TEPCO’s Fukushima Daiichi [...]

SACE in the News: Construction Underway at New Nuclear Plant in Georgia and Wind Power Gets Off the Ground in South Carolina

Safety questions post-Fukushima have created a significant amount of uncertainty regarding the future of nuclear power in the US, as other countries such as Germany move to ban nuclear power. Construction costs, liability claims and many other factors that affect the cost of building a nuclear plant remain unclear, yet a number of utilities are [...]