Frank Talk: Pope Francis Calls for Bold Actions Against “Culture of Waste” at United Nations

In his address to the United Nations, Pope Francis focused on a variety of issues, but paid special attention to the ecological crisis. He stated, “The ecological crisis along, with the large-scale destruction of biodiversity, can threaten the very existence of the human species.” As with his environmental encyclical, Laudato Si, Pope Francis linked the interdependence of humanity with nature (which he frequently referred to as “Creation”). As he put it, “Any harm done to the environment is harm done to humanity.” The harm caused to the environment, as well as to humanity, is a symptom of a “Culture of Waste”, another theme found in Laudato Si stated as a “Throwaway Culture.”

Frank Talk: Pope Francis Calls for “Courageous Actions” on Poverty, Environment

Noticeably absent, Pope Francis did not mention the term “climate change” or “global warming”. But his reference to Laudato Si, which heavily speaks about environmental degradation including climate change, is a nod towards the issue.

Study Proves Fossil Fuels Way Worse for Land Use than Renewables

A new, peer-reviewed article published in the scientific journal SCIENCE estimates that 3 million hectares of land (that’s 11,583 square miles, or 30,000 square kilometers) have been lost due to oil and gas well pads, storage tanks and associated roads developed in North America since the year 2000. Rangeland and cropland through the heartland have been particularly [...]

As California Goes (with oil spills), So Goes the Nation?

Although desirable when speaking about solar energy deployment, or adoption of smart meters, the maxim “As California Goes, So Goes the Nation” is not the aspiration when it comes to offshore oil drilling and its inevitable spills and economic and ecological impacts. On Wednesday a state of emergency was declared in California as an oil [...]

Could States Benefit From Revenue Sharing in the Atlantic?

To commemorate the 5th anniversary of the Deepwater Horizon tragedy and in the lead up to Hands Across the Sand on May 16, SACE is publishing a blog series highlighting some of the issues that Atlantic coastal communities may face in the process of the U.S. Department of Interior’s misguided attempt to open the Atlantic [...]

Yes, America wants solar and wind, not nukes

This guest blog was originally published by Michael Mariotte, president of the Nuclear Information Resource Service (NIRS) in GreenWorld on January 16, 2015. Find the direct post here. The post references the recent, exciting news about a solar ballot initiative in Florida recently announced by the coalition Floridians for Solar Choice, of which the Southern [...]

Big News on BP

 This is a guest post from our partners at Gulf Restoration Network originally published on Friday, September 5. The ongoing impacts of the Deepwater Horizon oil disaster go to show that offshore drilling is extremely risky and when accidents happen, they can leave catastrophic impacts for many years. While the Gulf disaster is still playing [...]

Georgia Power takes major step away from dirty coal

Southern Alliance for Clean Energy applauds Georgia Power’s January 7 announcement that it will seek approval to retire several of its least economical, oldest, and dirtiest electric generators – 2061 MW worth of mostly coal-fired units, plus a handful of smaller oil-fired units. We’re glad the company is finally seeking retirement of these units; the [...]

Follow the Money: How Dirty Energy Donations Impact Our Energy Policies

A well-known politician once famously quipped that ‘all politics is local.’  However, the reality is that our elected leaders (and therefore our laws) are influenced by money originating well beyond our local districts. Big Oil and Big Coal have donated well over $150 million to political campaigns in the past decade in the hopes of [...]

Did Obama Spend $90 Billion on Green Energy?

UPDATE: In the Vice Presidential Debate between Joe Biden and Paul Ryan, the topic on green energy was raised again. Paul Ryan said, “Was it a good idea to spend taxpayer dollars on electric cars in Finland, or on windmills in China?” He was referencing money spent from the stimulus (ARRA) funding; however, it never happened. Sarah Palin began this false assertion back in 2010. In 2012, the Romney campaign created an attack ad asserting the same line that Sarah Palin used. In both cases, PolitiFact rated the claim as some form of FALSE. The Romney campaign has since removed their attack ad from YouTube.