As California Goes (with oil spills), So Goes the Nation?

Although desirable when speaking about solar energy deployment, or adoption of smart meters, the maxim “As California Goes, So Goes the Nation” is not the aspiration when it comes to offshore oil drilling and its inevitable spills and economic and ecological impacts. On Wednesday a state of emergency was declared in California as an oil [...]

Southeast Coast Up For Sale For Offshore Drilling?

Today, the Obama administration proposed a sale to lease the waters off of the Carolinas, Georgia, and Virginia for oil and gas development. The details of this proposal were released in the draft five-year program for the Outer Continental Shelf, which lays out what types of offshore oil and gas activities will be permitted in [...]

Join Hands to Protect Our Treasured Places!

For the past four years, there has been one annual worldwide grassroots event that has championed the cause of clean energy as a replacement to risky fossil fuels: Hands Across the Sand. Since 2010, Hands events have brought thousands of communities together to stand up for their most treasured places in all 50 states and [...]

Local Biz Owners Say Offshore Drilling is Bad for Business

Who would you say is the most qualified entity to talk about what’s good and bad for business on the coast of the Southeastern U.S.? President Obama? The U.S. Chamber of Commerce? Maybe Governor McCrory in Raleigh, North Carolina or Governor Haley in Columbia, South Carolina, or Congressmen who live hundreds of miles from the [...]

This Isnt Settled Yet

This guest post, written by Dan Favre, Communications Director for Gulf Restoration Network, originally appeared on GRN’s blog here. [Editorial note: Sadly, just hours after this landmark settlement, another Gulf oil platform explosion has injured and potentially killed crew members, reaffirming the fact that offshore drilling is a high risk energy source and brings questions [...]

The EV Project expands to Atlanta

The EV Project, which we first blogged about a year ago, is successfully wrapping up in Tennessee. Its impact in bringing electric vehicles (EVs) to the market is significant and will continue for years to come. And, because of the project’s success in TN and other states, it is now expanding across the nation. As part of [...]

Locally Recycled Solar Powered Biodiesel now in Atlanta

Yesterday, we celebrated the Grand Opening of our new retail biodiesel station in Atlanta.  Attendees learned about the benefits of using our  locally recycled solar-powered biodiesel and this station’s part in the nation’s longest biofuels corridor. Some twenty customers filled up during the event with overwhelming support for B100 (100% biodiesel) over B20 (20% biodiesel)-–all [...]

Hurricanes and Offshore Drilling

This blog is the third of a four-part series by Simon Mahan, Chris Carnevale and Jennifer Rennicks on hurricanes and energy. Previous blogs have focused on Hurricanes and Climate Change, and Hurricanes and Wind Farms.  Tomorrow’s blog will focus on Hurricanes and Coastal Adaptation. Being the first week of hurricane season 2012, and given recent [...]

Obama calls oil a fuel of the past while visiting the Tarheel State

A truck manufacturing plant in Mount Holly, N.C was the backdrop yesterday for a speech where President Obama stressed the urgency of embracing alternative energy sources to lessen our dependence on oil. Going one step further than former President George W. Bush did in his 2006 State of the Union when he admitted the US [...]

BP Settlement Leaves More Questions Than Answers

The big news is that BP and the plaintiffs steering committee have agreed to a process to settle remaining private claims, and that the PSC will be bowing out of a trial. BP is spinning the agreement to their investors & the business world as spending out the remainder of their compensation fund (or $7.8 billion) while the PSC points out the agreement isn’t capped.