Electric Vehicles: Driving Reduced Demand for Offshore Oil, Part 2 of 3 – “The Advancement of Electric Vehicles”

This is Part 2 of our blog series, Electric Vehicles: Driving Reduced Demand for Offshore Oil, which shows that given the advancements in vehicle electrification, expanding offshore drilling for oil and natural gas into protected areas (covered in Part 1) is intrinsically risky and unnecessary. Part 3 of the series, coming tomorrow, will provide analysis demonstrating […]

Florida Proposal Aims to Ban Nearshore Oil Drilling

Oil and water just don’t mix – especially in Florida. The Sunshine State has 1,200 miles of coastline that is home to pristine beaches, world-class fishing, and coastal communities that drive the state’s economy. Yet we are constantly reminded that our shores remain under threat, such as the recently proposed federal five year program for […]

After Two Years The Gulf Spill Is Still Unfolding

  Two years ago, we witnessed the unraveling of the worst environmental disaster in our country’s history.  On April 20, 2010 the Deepwater Horizon offshore drilling rig exploded into flames, killing 11 people, and spiraled into a horrific 87 days of oil gushing into the ocean, resulting in over 200 million gallons of oil dumped […]

Beyond Petroleum – How communities and decision makers are responding to the Gulf oil disaster

Although the oil continues to gush and new photographs of oil-soaked birds and wetlands are circulated daily, some residents and leaders in the Gulf region are looking beyond the current petroleum disaster to seek needed long-term solutions. Tonight hundreds of people (organizers report upwards of 500 RSVP’s as of this morning) will gather in St. […]

Dirty Energy Hunt in Florida through 1Sky

Guest Blog by Debbie Attias Last weekend, a group of cyclists and local activists got together for a picnic at Biscayne National Park.  This wasn’t just any picnic, though…. From this park, you can see Turkey Point, Florida Power & Light’s nuclear power plant.  Our picnic in sight of this plant was part of a […]

SACE Announces the Clean Energy Gulf Challenge

The tragic and ongoing Deepwater Horizon drilling disaster provides an opportunity to spotlight a path away from our riskiest sources of oil. Today we’re issuing a Clean Energy Gulf Challenge to demonstrate how the United States can end both offshore oil drilling in the Gulf of Mexico and imports of Persian Gulf oil. It’s simply […]