5 Reasons to Attend AWEA’s Offshore Wind Expo

The American Wind Energy Association is hosting its annual Offshore Wind Expo in Atlantic City, New Jersey this year. This is the second time the expo has made its way to the Garden State. If you live in the south, here are five reasons to make the trip north of the Mason Dixon line. Early [...]

South Carolina Legislature Gives Two Thumbs Up To Wind Energy

Last week, the South Carolina Legislature passed a resolution in support of wind energy in the Palmetto State. Senator Greg Hembreee (R-Dillon and Horry Counties) introduced S 757, a concurrent resolution “to recognize the wind energy capabilities of South Carolina”, among other accolades for the state.

Georgia Buoys Offshore Wind Power

The U.S. Bureau of Ocean Energy Management (BOEM) just recently released a “finding of no significant impact” for Southern Company’s proposed offshore wind energy study equipment. The draft environmental assessment found that a meteorological tower or buoys offshore Georgia would have negligible environmental impacts.

12 Business Cases that Support Offshore Wind Energy

Offshore wind energy is a clean and inexhaustible resource that would reduce air pollution, preserve precious water resources, and reduce carbon emissions along our coasts here in the Southeast. In addition to these environmental benefits, offshore wind energy would provide a major source of economic growth.

Here are 12 business cases that support offshore wind energy in the Southeast:

South Carolina Benefits Today from Offshore Wind Industry

Despite the fact that South Carolina, and most of the Southeast, has no utility-scale wind farms, we are reaping the benefits of the industry even today. In fact, especially today. Earlier today, Cape Wind, the first proposed offshore wind farm in the United States, which is being built off the coast of Massachusetts, announced that [...]

New DOE Report Shows Trend Toward Larger Offshore Turbines

The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) released a new report yesterday showing progress for the U.S. offshore wind energy market in 2012, including the completion of two commercial lease auctions for federal Wind Energy Areas and a number of commercial-scale U.S. projects reaching an advanced stage of development. Further, the report highlights global trends toward building offshore turbines in deeper waters and using larger, more efficient turbines in offshore wind farms, increasing the amount of electricity delivered to consumers.

Rhode Island Proves Providential for Offshore Wind Energy

This year in Providence, Rhode Island, the American Wind Energy Association and the Offshore Wind Development Coalition hosted the Offshore WINDPOWER Expo. One of the unique aspects of this conference was the renewed focus on the value of offshore wind energy. Another aspect that was new to this conference was the focus on logistics – specifically ports, vessels and transmission capabilities. Several speakers and many attendees from various government agencies could not confirm their attendance until just a few days before the exposition. But, some people still were unable to attend in part because of sequestration and the reduction in available federal funds. With all the manufacturing, ship-building and offshore energy expertise here in the South, perhaps the conference organizers should look towards New Orleans or Jacksonville as potential conference locations.

North Charleston Proclaims Support for Offshore Wind Energy

The City of North Charleston proclaimed support for offshore wind energy at last night’s City Council meeting as Mayor Keith Summey presented a proclamation listing many benefits of wind energy and how the City is positioned to benefit from the industry’s further development. Some highlights of the proclamation include recognition that North Charleston is well [...]

I’m attending Offshore WINDPOWER, are you?

This year, the American Wind Energy Association and the Offshore Wind Development Coalition are hosting their Offshore WINDPOWER conference in Providence, Rhode Island on October 22-23. This annual event usually draws about 1,000 participants from all over the world so they can “learn more about technological advancements, hear first-hand how the U.S. government is successfully advancing offshore energy development, and network with top-tier developers, government agency representatives, and many other industry leaders making offshore wind energy news.” If you’re working with the industry, or just interested in offshore wind energy, you should absolutely plan on attending this event. (Tip: Even though the conference officially starts on Oct. 22, you should really plan on arriving earlier on Oct. 21 to take advantage of the U.S. Offshore Wind Market and Supply Chain Workshop at 1PM and an evening reception later that day.)

The Southeastern Coastal Wind Conference is Next Week!

The following is a guest post written by Jen Banks, Director of Operations for the Southeastern Coastal Wind Coalition originally posted here. The Southeastern states from Virginia to Florida are home to over 65 wind related manufacturing facilities that support thousands of wind energy jobs in the Southeast region.  These supply chain facilities could expand [...]