Big Power Company Money Fuels State Campaigns in Florida

Money and its potential to corrupt is at the very center of complaints about today’s politics. Regardless of your political stripe, one thing most of us can agree upon is that money in politics leads to policies that hurt everyday people. A report authored by the  nonpartisan government watchdog group Integrity Florida,   2018 Power Play […]

FPL wins, Floridians lose and why is FPL still pursuing new nuclear reactors at Turkey Point?

Yesterday the Florida Public Service Commission (PSC) staff issued their recommendation in the 2013 nuclear cost recovery clause docket and it unfortunately reflects business-as-usual despite an attempted fix passed earlier this year by the Florida Legislature to the flawed nuclear cost recovery law (Florida’s “nuclear tax”). The big power company, namely FPL, wins to the tune of […]

So-called nuclear renaissance relapses, recovery seems unlikely

Despite much fanfare about the so-called nuclear “renaissance” over the past several years, not much has actually materialized. In fact, the last couple of weeks have proven particularly challenging to the renaissance myth, as several decisions were made to cancel proposed new reactor projects and shut down existing reactors. Let’s take a look at how […]

Nuclear renaissance in Florida crumbles, meets economic reality

This blog was co-authored by SACE staff Sara Barczak and George Cavros. Has the so-called “nuclear renaissance” finally met economic reality? The nuclear industry recently experienced their “worst week” since the Fukushima disaster in Japan. Not only did Duke Energy scrap plans to build new reactors at their Shearon Harris site in North Carolina but […]

Pull plug on Florida nuclear tax

This guest post, originally published here by the Tampa Bay Times, was written by Mark Cooper, an economic analyst with the Vermont Law School’s Institute for Energy and the Environment. He is the author of  the recently released report, “Public Risk, Private Profit, Ratepayer Cost, Utility Imprudence.” To engage more on this issue, click here, […]

State Legislature paying attention to Florida nuclear tax

On March 18th, I attended the Florida State Senate’s workshop on nuclear cost recovery, also known as Florida’s “nuclear tax,” where industry advocates and the big power companies extolled the many virtues of nuclear energy for the Sunshine State, with nary a mention of the skyrocketing costs of the proposed new reactor projects nor the problems […]

Floridians Take Action Opposing Nuclear Tax

From the Florida Supreme Court to Bonnie Raitt concerts, Florida’s controversial “nuclear tax” is getting a lot of attention. On October 4th I, along with my SACE colleagues and attorneys, attended the oral arguments for our high-profile challenge of the cost recovery statute before the Florida Supreme Court. The “nuclear tax” refers to bad, anti-consumer […]