Mississippi is the “sunshine state” for the Tennessee Valley Authority

Where are the best spots to build solar power in the Tennessee Valley Authority? It turns out, many of them are in Mississippi! We recently obtained 16 years of simulated solar power production data from Clean Power Research for the Tennessee Valley Authority region, looking at 26 sites scattered from east to west, and north [...]

Big Coal Retirements Announced at TVA Board of Directors Meeting

At today’s Board of Directors’ meeting in Oxford, MS, TVA announced that it will be retiring 3,308 MWs of coal capacity from 3 plants.  SACE welcomes this announcement as it signals a real movement away from dirty, coal-fired energy and toward cleaner, renewable energy across the Tennessee Valley. It is increasingly clear that coal is [...]

Southeastern States Headed Up, But Still Have Room to Grow with Energy Efficiency

Yesterday, the  American Council for an Energy Efficient Economy released its seventh annual State Energy Efficiency Scorecard. The annual report ranks states on their policy and program efforts, and provides recommendations for ways in which states can improve their energy efficiency performance. As you can see from the national map, the Southeast is still lagging behind, with [...]

Southeast Coal Roundup – Southern Company

Due to the perfect storm of stricter environmental regulations, the current state of malaise in the U.S. economy and the drastic reduction in the price of natural gas, we are beginning to see a historic reduction of reliance on coal power by Southeastern utilities.  Across our region, utilities are announcing idling or retirement of their [...]

TVA Continues to Mismanage Solar Power

Charlie Coggeshall, SACE Renewable Energy Manager, also contributed to this post. Last month the Tennessee Valley Authority proudly announced what they considered to be good news: That their 2013 Green Power Provider (GPP) program had already met its 2013 solar application target as of April 24th. Even though there is still a strong demand for [...]

Southern Company: Squirreling the Energy Efficiency Debate

‘Squirreling’ is banned at the World Schools Debating Championships. What, you don’t know what squirreling is? Or what it has to do with energy efficiency? Well, today is your lucky day! According to those who set the rules for debate competitions, squirreling is the unreasonable redefinition of a term in debate in favor of the team [...]

Mississippi to surpass Alabama in energy efficiency?

Slow and steady wins the race, they say. Though Alabama was off to a better start,  it’s beginning to look like the state of Mississippi is going to surpass Alabama in their support for energy efficiency in the near future! As I wrote about 18 months ago, Mississippi Public Service Commission (PSC) released proposed energy [...]

A Changing Climate and a Changing Public

This post, written by Southern Energy Network’s Communications Fellow Simone Domingue, first appeared on SEN’s blog. You can find the original post here. “A Climate of Change” read one of the Saturday headlines of the Huffington Post last November. The article read that a recent Rasmussen poll concluded that 68% of Americans recognize climate change [...]

Many Coal Plants in the SE are Ripe for Retirement

Today the Union of Concerned Scientists released an important new report entitled “Ripe for Retirement: The Case for Closing America’s Costliest Coal Plants”, which highlights the financial uncertainty of many coal plants around the nation.  It turns out that the Southeast is home to a staggering number of inefficient and uneconomic coal plants. As of  May 31, [...]

Alabama Getaway: State rejects over $540,000 in federal efficiency funding because of utility and commission

This blog was written by Jimmy Green and Natalie Mims Alabama getaway, getaway. Alabama getaway, getaway. Only way to please me Turn around and leave and walk away. And that’s just what Alabama did. They turned around and walked away from over $540,000 in Federal money earmarked for energy efficiency in the state. After all, [...]