Massive Iceberg Calves, Reminding Us Of Ever-Increasing Temps

This week, the world witnessed the calving of an iceberg the enormity of which is rare. The Larsen C ice shelf in Antarctica had a growing rift for years, that finally completed its path to the ocean and broke off a huge chunk of ice. The iceberg weighs 1 trillion tons and is roughly the size of Delaware. This event serves as a critical reminder of the need to mitigate greenhouse gas emissions to curb global warming.

Dear Coastal Citizens: If You Love the Place You Call Home, Please Read On

Jennifer Rennicks contributed to this post. Dear Coastal Citizens: If you love the place we call home, please read on. I sympathize with those who feel that sea level rise sounds like “doomsday scenario” scare tactics or with the thought that a rising sea enveloping our beloved communities sounds like futuristic science fiction. I must […]