Part 1: Making our new Asheville office more energy efficient

This is the first post in a three-part series detailing energy efficiency upgrades to SACE’s new Asheville office. Read the rest of the series here or watch this video for a virtual tour! Since SACE opened our Asheville office in 2003 we have rented office space downtown; first at 29 North Market Street and then in the [...]

New Ways To Track Your Energy Usage in 2012

As February is already getting under way, I’d like to share with you some new and innovative ways to help make 2012 your most energy-aware year ever. Obviously, confronting energy issues doesn’t exactly top the list of yearly resolutions that Americans make for themselves every January. With New Year’s goals usually centering on more tangible [...]

Our family experience with efficient LED lighting

Energy efficient lighting has never been a more plausible option for your home than it is today. Awareness of coming changes in residential light bulbs is growing. We’ve all seen that the CFL industry has continued it’s upward trend over the last couple of years, but LED markets are expanding rapidly as well; the US [...]

What happened with my Home Green Home

In 2007, our family renovated an older home. We tried to pay close attention to energy efficiency and clean energy concerns. Recently, I calculated the impact of our green rehab in terms of cost savings, reduced energy use, and reduced CO2 emissions. As you can see from the graph below, we cut everything roughly in [...]