Investigator Warned MMS in 2009 About Deepwater Gas Blowouts in Gulf of Mexico

Sixty-page report points to record of almost 40 deepwater blowouts, and culture of dangerous risk exposure by David Sassoon, – May 24th, 2010 A sixty-page memorandum addressed to Renee Orr, the chief of the leasing division of the Minerals Management Service (MMS), was sent in September 2009 by an environmental investigator, warning of potential […]

Gulf Residents Wait and Hope

Guest Blog by Dr. Enid Sisskin It’s a gray blustery day on the gulf coast, very much like the days in summers past when there was a hurricane in the gulf and you were waiting to see where it was going to go.  There’s that same anticipatory sense of dread, that same sick feeling in […]

Crude Awakening in the Gulf

This morning coastal residents in Louisiana will wake to uncertainty as ribbons of oily sheen wash into their estuaries and onto their beaches.  The ongoing ecological catastrophe in the Gulf is stirring up all-too-familiar feelings of anxiety over future livelihoods; this time not from a natural disaster, but a man-made one.  Many are just now […]