New Ways To Track Your Energy Usage in 2012

As February is already getting under way, I’d like to share with you some new and innovative ways to help make 2012 your most energy-aware year ever. Obviously, confronting energy issues doesn’t exactly top the list of yearly resolutions that Americans make for themselves every January. With New Year’s goals usually centering on more tangible [...]

What your electric utility bill is NOT telling you

A fascinating new study from the American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy takes a look at what’s on the bills that electric utilities send to their customers. OK, you have got to be an energy geek to appreciate this kind of insight, but here are two observations. ACEEE’s report, “The State of the Utility Bill,” [...]

Data Centers Move to Southeast Driven by Access to Cheap, Dirty Energy

Sometime this summer, Apple will open the doors on a 500,000 square foot data center in Maiden, NC. Lured to the location by a $46 million dollar tax break from the state of North Carolina, Apple’s bottom line will also benefit from some of the cheapest electricity rates in the country, which are the direct [...]