Happy Global Wind Day!

Wind power is an American success story. Wind turbine component manufacturing or support facilities exist in all 50 states. Domestic content for wind farm projects is around 60%, meaning American jobs are helping build America’s domestic energy industry. In 2014, American companies exported about half a billion dollars worth of wind turbine components around the globe. A few major manufacturers here in the southern United States include General Electric’s turbine facility in Pensacola, Florida, Blade Dynamics in New Orleans, ZF Windpower in Georgia, PPG Industries in North Carolina, LM Blades in Little Rock, just to name a few.

World Wind of a Day

Last Friday was Global Wind Day,  a worldwide event that occurs annually on June 15th.  This day presents an opportunity for children and adults to celebrate wind energy by visiting wind farms, participating in wind events, and learning all they ever wanted to know about wind energy.  As stated on the Global Wind Day website, […]