Veterans Go Solar For Freedom, Security, and Jobs

Today we honor and express our thanks to America’s veterans for their public service and dedication to protecting the United States. Furthermore, we wish to give a special recognition to our veterans who once advanced our nation’s military goals and are now advancing our nation’s domestic goals in the solar industry. There is a special [...]

The Evidence is In and REAP is a keeper!

The evidence is in, and it clearly shows that USDA’s Rural Energy for America Program (REAP) is a program with proven benefits to the rural economy, the environment, and our national security. Lawmakers should strengthen it, not cut it.

Looking beyond Solyndra to REAP big rewards

Yes, Solyndra was disappointing. But we must not forget the many successful projects that have also received taxpayer support. Here are a few great examples of REAP solar projects in the Southeast region.

9/11 and our Energy Future

A decade ago this Sunday, our country was irrevocably changed. We have seen the impacts of this tragic day on a number of fronts, but perhaps the most overlooked impression is to our national energy security infrastructure. The catastrophic repercussions of events, which stemmed from the tragedies of September 11th, resonate through our collective conscious and have dramatically shifted the way we operate as a nation.