Road Trips On Electrons

This is a guest post written by David Earnhardt, EV owner and member of the Blue Ridge EV Club. The original post can be found here. One of the most common questions I get when I talk about driving electric is “But what if you want to take it on a road trip?”  A worthwhile […]

National Plug In Day A Success

This post is part of a blog series on electric vehicles. See more posts from the series here. SACE Clean Fuels Director, Anne Blair, contributed to this post. Last weekend was National Plug In Day. About 100 events throughout the U.S. (plus three in Canada and one in the Netherlands) took place to celebrate electric […]

Are electric vehicles REAL cars?

This blog is part of a series on electric vehicles. Other blogs in this series include: “Ecotality Blinks Out, But EVs Still Going,” ” Electric Vehicle Range – Problem Solved,” and more yet to come. Anne Blair, our Clean Fuels Director, contributed to this post. Please follow her at the EV & Hybrid Technology conference […]

Electric Vehicle Range – Problem Solved

This blog is part of a series on electric vehicles. Other blogs in this series include: “Ecotality Blinks Out, But EVs Still Going” and more yet to come. Please also help us spread the word about the benefits and future opportunities for electric vehicles on National Plug In Day, Sept. 28-29. Plug In 2013 Conference is also being held this […]

$6 Per Gallon Gasoline

As gasoline prices continue to rise across the country, people are wagging fingers and looking for relief at the pump. Adding insult to injury, analysts are now saying gasoline could hit $5 or $6 per gallon in the near future. The only real solution is to cut back on oil consumption.

Is the Electric Car Getting Its Revenge?

Anne Blair, SACE’s clean fuels and bioenergy program manager, contributed to this post. I recently watched Revenge of the Electric Car (now available on DVD, Netflix, and Hulu), the new account of the electric car industry from Chris Paine, the same filmmaker who released the documentary Who Killed the Electric Car? in 2006.  When he […]

Returning Home in the EV, Priceless

OK. I must admit I hate driving but the LEAF has made driving fun again. If you have been following our little holiday adventure and the learning experience  we had, you will be glad to know we are back in Knoxville safe and sound. Well, at least my mother, who was keeping Warren for an extended […]

An Update on our EV Adventure

So we made it to see all the family yesterday. The LEAF is now in Nashville. The trip took a little longer than we planned, about 5.5 hours, including an hour for lunch. We planned for it take a little over 4 hours with the addition of the “charge-up” stops. Driving on the dirty fossil stuff, […]

Taking the EV to see Grandma

So we are taking the trip, yes taking the Nissan LEAF from Knoxville to Nashville, TN, about a 185 mile trip. My last post we talked about the new Fast-Chargers that have been deployed along the interstates in TN as part of the EV Project. The fast chargers, if they are all working will make […]

EV Fast Chargers Deploy in Tennessee

So I plugged the Nissan LEAF into a Blink Level 3- Direct Current (DC) fast charger for the first time today. Cool Stuff! This charger is capable of taking the car from a low state of charge up to 80% of full charge in about 20 mins. Level 2 chargers  take 6-8 hrs (using 240 volts, […]