Where the 2018 Candidates Stand on Energy: Democratic Nominee for Georgia Governor Stacey Abrams

This post is the ninth in a series of blogs examining where the 2018 candidates for state and federal offices in the Southeast stand on key energy and climate issues.  To read the candidate profile for Republican Nominee for Georgia Governor Brian Kemp, click here. To continue to track their stances on energy, you can watch […]

Florida Voters: Learn what candidates for office plan to do about sea level rise

Want to learn where your local candidates for office stand when it comes to sea level rise, flooding and other related issues? Tidal Town Halls — hosted by ReThink Energy Florida — are being held in 15 cities throughout Florida, offering Floridians a chance to hear directly from candidates about their plans for addressing sea […]

New Websites Launched To Engage Florida Solar and Climate Voters

SACE is happy to announce we have launched two websites to engage Florida voters who believe that the state needs to prioritize solar energy and climate change policy. Hot off the presses are FloridaSolarVoter.org and FloridaClimateVoter.org. The websites are intended to reach out to Floridians who care about solar or climate change and help make it easier for them to vote in this November’s election. The websites feature four main features: 1) get registered to vote; 2) sign up to vote by mail; 3) get a reminder to vote when election day approaches; and 4) resources to learn more about the voting process.

Democracy for Sale Screens Across North Carolina

This is a guest blog from Working Films, originally posted here. SACE is excited to partner with Working Films and several allies on the Asheville, NC screening on Jan. 25th. See Facebook event page for more details on this specific screening.

President Obama Takes On the Anti-Science Crowd

I had the great pleasure of joining our Board President, John Noel, and his wife, Melinda Welton, at his table at the League of Conservation Voters’ Annual Capitol Dinner on Wednesday, June 25th in Washington, D.C.  The keynote speaker was President Obama, appropriate since this was the one-year anniversary of his major climate speech at […]

We defend Sen. Hagan because she stands up to polluters

For more than a decade, Senator Kay Hagan has worked to promote clean air and public health here in NC. Back in 2002, when Hagan served as a NC state senator, she championed the groundbreaking NC Clean Smokestacks Act – hailed as a model for controlling multiple air pollutants from old coal-fired power plants – in […]

What could the 2010 midterms mean for climate and energy policy in the Southeast?

Although a few races are still being determined with recounts and write-in ballots, the vast majority of the 2010 midterm races have been decided. Here, in the eight Southeastern states that SACE represents, voters elected 5 new governors, 6 U.S Senators, nearly 100 Representatives and hundreds of members to serve in state General Assemblies from […]

What is a Florida TV station hiding when it comes to climate? (VIDEOS)

re-posted from 1Sky’s Skywriter Blog on October 29, 2010 Post from Andrea Cuccaro, 1Sky Florida and South Carolina organizer We need five minutes from our friends in Florida to write a letter to their local newspapers and to the senatorial candidates offices about strange doings at a Orlando television station over some tough questions on […]

Buying elections with dirty money

Updated on 10.25.10: Anonymously-financed groups are stepping up efforts to influence 80 different House races with just one week to go before Election Day according to a new New York Times article. At exactly 2 weeks and counting, we are officially in the home stretch of the 2010 midterm election season. Every election cycle in […]

Ready to vote for clean energy at the ballot box?

Despite a promising start (Congress allocated $80 billion of the 2009 Recovery Act funding for clean energy & efficiency programs), our country’s work on much-needed energy policy reform has barely begun. The list of pending energy policies is extensive, and the looming midterm elections mean that substantive work at the national level will not resume […]