Big Power Company Money Fuels State Campaigns in Florida

Money and its potential to corrupt is at the very center of complaints about today’s politics. Regardless of your political stripe, one thing most of us can agree upon is that money in politics leads to policies that hurt everyday people. A report authored by the  nonpartisan government watchdog group Integrity Florida,   2018 Power Play […]

6/21: Japan Nuclear Disaster Update

Three and a half months have passed since Japan was struck by the devastating earthquake and tsunami that led to nuclear meltdowns in three of the six reactors at the Fukushima Daiichi  nuclear facility. The severity of the crisis and the extent to which the government mishandled information is finally, slowly coming to light. As […]

Urging Nuclear Accountability in Washington

Last month, I joined theAlliance for Nuclear Accountabilityin Washington, D.C. for their annual DC Days. I was one of nearly a hundred concerned citizens and activists from across the nation that converged in Washington to educate Congress on issues relating to the nuclear industry. It was a timely trip, considering the ongoing disaster occurring at the […]

Florida lawmaker warns North Carolina against controversial power plant financing plan

This blog was originally posted by the Institute for Southern Studies in their online publication: Facing South and was written by Sue Sturgis. New article on this topic from the Raleigh News and Observer dated March 23, 2011. A Florida lawmaker recently wrote the governor of North Carolina warning her state against adopting a financing […]