Recap of South Carolina Energy Policy in 2018 Legislative Session

The 2018 legislative session in South Carolina was a historic opportunity for significant, long-lasting reform in South Carolina energy policy. Here is a recap of what was proposed and what ended up passing in the 2018 session.

South Carolina PSC votes to temporarily roll back SCEG rates by 15%. Utility whines about extreme political pressure.

Today the SC Public Service Commission unanimously and without debate voted to comply with the directive of the SC Legislature. The PSC approved a 15% electric rate decrease for SCE&G customers retroactive to April 1st of this year. Before you get too excited, this past Friday SCE&G filed suit in a federal District Court to block the rate rollback saying that the legislation passed is unconstitutional. In court is exactly where we expected to be all along and why I’ve been advocating that we could and should have gotten to this point sooner.

Customers should not pay costs of Florida Power and Lights nuclear plant expansion

This post originally appeared in the Palm Beach Post on October 3, 2012. Read the post and view the comments here. A misguided state law that allows large utilities to charge consumers for new nuclear reactors before delivering any power is making things more difficult for Floridians trying to recover from the worst recession in […]

6/21: Japan Nuclear Disaster Update

Three and a half months have passed since Japan was struck by the devastating earthquake and tsunami that led to nuclear meltdowns in three of the six reactors at the Fukushima Daiichi  nuclear facility. The severity of the crisis and the extent to which the government mishandled information is finally, slowly coming to light. As […]