What the Senate’s Tax Bill Means for Wind

This is a guest blog post by Mary Kate Francis at the American Wind Energy Association. The original post was published here December 17, 2014 on the AWEA blog, Into the Wind. I have big news to report from the front lines of our current campaign to protect wind in 2015. And though there’s bad […]

Vote for Clean Energy Next Tuesday

This post was written by SACE Communications Intern, Heather Brinton. This year’s elections are critical to the expansion and evolution of clean energy on both a regional and national level. Strides that have been taken could be halted or strengthened depending on how the votes decide. If the wrong officials are elected and allowed to […]

Ash Time Goes By, Part 3

This guest post is written by Michael Patoka of the Center for Progressive Reform, and was originally entitled “Ash Time Goes By: Administration Continues Foot-Dragging on Coal Ash Rule as Toxic Landfills and Ash Ponds Grow by 94 Million Tons Each Year” It is reposted here, with permission, as a three-part series. Three years after it was […]

Southeast River Runs Part 6: Coal ash in the ACT River Basin

This is the sixth blog in a series featuring rivers of the Southeast endangered by toxic coal ash pollution. The rest of the series can be found here. Thanks to Frank Chitwood, Coosa Riverkeeper who contributed to this post. The Alabama-Coosa-Tallapoosa River Basin, or ACT, encompasses 20,746 square miles in Georgia, Alabama and Tennessee and occupies at […]

5 Ways Capitol Hill Can Boost the American Wind Industry

In a blog last week, My WINDependence Day, I discussed the patriotic elements of wind energy and the need for strong bipartisan policies to further wind energy development. Below are some of the key elements needed from Congress to create a more secure foundation for the American wind industry: Extend the Production Tax Credit (PTC) […]

Southeast River Runs Part 4: Coal Ash on the French Broad River

This is the fourth blog in a series featuring rivers of the Southeast endangered by toxic coal ash pollution. The rest of the series can be found here. Thanks to Hartwell Carson, French Broad Riverkeeper, who contributed to this post.  Communities across the United States are rediscovering their rivers as precious resources. River fronts once inhabited solely by industry […]

Senate Showdown Over Health, Environment

This guest post was written by Andrea Delgado, EarthJustice and was originally published here. Your action is urgently needed to stop multiple anti-environmental riders that threaten to allow more toxic pollution in our air and water by tying EPA’s hands and rolling back key provisions of the long-trusted Clean Air Act.  Click here to tell your senators to […]

So Many Voices: Forward on Climate

I was ecstatic; we filled the bus!  Twenty-two people boarded in Gainesville and another thirty-three got on in Jacksonville; so many had traveled a long way to join us.  It was 9pm and I finally got to relax: we were really off to Washington D.C. to join the Forward on Climate Rally.  What started with […]

Bullying the messenger, burying the truth on CRS coal ash report

Four years ago the Kingston coal ash disaster put a spotlight on the need for federal coal ash regulations when a dam failed, releasing one billion gallons of the toxic waste, poisoning 300 acres and 2 nearby rivers. Since Kingston, there have been numerous attempts to push inadequate coal ash regulations through Congress. Last year, a report […]

Congress Prevents Wind Industry from Falling Off Cliff

This post was written by Steve Clemmer, Director of Energy Research & Analysis for the Union of Concerned Scientists, and first appeared on UCS’ blog The Equation on January 2. You can find the original post here. I’m pleased to report that it didn’t take long to achieve one of my new year’s resolutions for […]