Locally Recycled Solar Powered Biodiesel now in Atlanta

Yesterday, we celebrated the Grand Opening of our new retail biodiesel station in Atlanta.  Attendees learned about the benefits of using our  locally recycled solar-powered biodiesel and this station’s part in the nation’s longest biofuels corridor. Some twenty customers filled up during the event with overwhelming support for B100 (100% biodiesel) over B20 (20% biodiesel)-–all […]

New Florida Solar Technicians Certified in Jacksonville, Now Where are the Jobs?

Sixteen anxious and diligent new Solar Technicians graduated Friday 2-Mar-12 from an 8-week course at the CRC Institute in Jacksonville, Florida.  They got certificates of technical training, are ready for the LEED Green Associate professional credential exam and got an important card proving their OSHA training from the National Safety Council.  They are ready to […]

Is the Electric Car Getting Its Revenge?

Anne Blair, SACE’s clean fuels and bioenergy program manager, contributed to this post. I recently watched Revenge of the Electric Car (now available on DVD, Netflix, and Hulu), the new account of the electric car industry from Chris Paine, the same filmmaker who released the documentary Who Killed the Electric Car? in 2006.  When he […]

New Ways To Track Your Energy Usage in 2012

As February is already getting under way, I’d like to share with you some new and innovative ways to help make 2012 your most energy-aware year ever. Obviously, confronting energy issues doesn’t exactly top the list of yearly resolutions that Americans make for themselves every January. With New Year’s goals usually centering on more tangible […]

EV Fast Chargers Deploy in Tennessee

So I plugged the Nissan LEAF into a Blink Level 3- Direct Current (DC) fast charger for the first time today. Cool Stuff! This charger is capable of taking the car from a low state of charge up to 80% of full charge in about 20 mins. Level 2 chargers  take 6-8 hrs (using 240 volts, […]

Study highlights the growing solar value chain in Tennessee

A recent study released by the Tennessee Solar Institute (TSI) highlights the state’s growing solar value chain as one of the bright spots in Tennessee’s economy, but warns that Tennessee must remain diligent to avoid losing solar-related jobs and business opportunities to neighboring states. The study details a well-diversified solar value chain, with installers, manufacturers, […]

NPR coverage of EVs omits some important facts

I sent the following letter to National Public Radio’s (NPR) Morning Edition, I got a form response. It appears to be regular occurrence on NPR’s Morning Edition to say negative things about electric cars. NPR’s November 21st story focused on the negative aspects of electric vehicles (EVs) and failed to point out some important factual […]

Ford Power of Choice Tour This Week

As part of Southern Alliance for Clean Energy’s ongoing outreach on electric vehicles, we want to alert you to another opportunity to learn the who, what and how of electric vehicles and take a test drive–Ford’s Power of Choice Tour. The tour is happening nationwide and is designed to profile Ford’s most fuel efficient and […]

Grants Now Available for Advancing Biofuels Commercialization in NC

The story of David and Goliath is one that should bring courage to advanced biofuels innovators. So should a new round of grants from the Biofuels Center of North Carolina.

Constructing a Healthier Future

Are you looking for a way to take action to help improve air quality and fight climate change? Well, here’s your chance! Earlier this month, U.S. Representatives Hanna (NY) and Edwards (MD) introduced The Clean Construction Act of 2011. This bi-partisan legislation establishes procedures to advance the use of cleaner construction equipment on federally funded […]