Lead, Follow, or Get Out of the Way

This blog has been updated from its original posting. The last few months have been an exceptional time for the electric vehicle (EV) movement. Major automakers have been making historic announcements signaling that they have seen the future and it is electric. France and Britain, in keeping with the Paris Accord, made announcements in July […]

Wind Power: Keeping the Lights On

It’s been one cold week, and grid operators have struggled to keep the juice flowing for consumers from New England all the way to the Lone Star State. In Texas, wind power helped keep the lights on when some traditional power plants unexpectedly shut down during peak load times.

The Good, Bad and Ugly of Solar in 2012 and an Outlook for 2013

There were good, bad, and ugly things happening in the solar industry in 2012, and though more of the same can be expected in 2013, it may end up being the year that the solar industry evolves out of the growing pains of a young industry and into a more mature and balanced market. Solar […]

Southeast Coal Exports: A Climate Shell Game?

Ulla Reeves, SACE’s Regional Program Director edited and contributed to this post. What has long been thought of as an energy issue primarily affecting the Pacific Northwest is now making its way to the Southeast: coal exportation.  While the exportation of coal out of Southeastern ports is nothing new, all signs appear to point to […]