Why 2015 Will Be a Pivotal Year for the US Offshore Wind Industry

Last week I attended the American Wind Energy Association’s (AWEA) annual offshore WINDPOWER conference in Atlantic City, New Jersey. Wind energy developers, government officials, non-profit advocates, and academia came together to discuss exciting developments in the U.S. offshore wind energy industry.

U.S. Offshore Wind Power Advancing Off Of Drawing Boards And Into The Water, New DOE Report Says

Could the U.S. go from being nowhere on offshore wind power to having over a dozen projects built over the next five to seven years? That’s a very real possibility, according to a report just released by the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE). The report, prepared by Navigant Consulting, is DOE’s third annual Offshore Wind Market and Economic Analysis. And it assesses the progress the country has made in building the offshore wind power industry that holds out a whole host of benefits for us all.

South Carolina Benefits Today from Offshore Wind Industry

Despite the fact that South Carolina, and most of the Southeast, has no utility-scale wind farms, we are reaping the benefits of the industry even today. In fact, especially today. Earlier today, Cape Wind, the first proposed offshore wind farm in the United States, which is being built off the coast of Massachusetts, announced that […]

Fowl Play: Wind Farms Unfairly Targeted by Fossil Fuel Industry

A study in Energy Policy, found that fossil fueled power plants, on a per unit of energy basis, are estimated to kill 17 times more birds than wind energy. So for every megawatt hour of electricity from a wind farm that replaces fossil fuels, seventeen times as many birds may be saved.

Overwhelming Support May Not Be Enough for Offshore Wind

This week, Simon Mahan attended the American Wind Energy Association/Offshore Wind Development Coalition’s conference on offshore wind energy in Baltimore, Md. This is the second of a series of three blogs from the conference. Read the previous post: Southern Jobs for Offshore Wind Energy. I attended the American Wind Energy Association/Offshore Wind Development Coalition’s Offshore Wind […]

The Intermittency of Fossil Fuels

You’ve likely heard this argument before: “The wind doesn’t always blow and the sun doesn’t always shine, so we can’t rely on renewable energy.” However, a series of recent events undermine the false dichotomy that renewable energies are unreliable and that coal, nuclear and natural gas are reliable. There are too many reasons to list […]

While Cape Wind Awaits, South Carolina Advances Offshore Wind

For most of the past decade (8.5 years to be exact),  America has been talking about developing her first offshore wind farm. With all eyes turned towards New England, we have witnessed a high-profile, public, all out Not-In-My-Backyard brawl. The brawl that spanned the entire Bush administration recently took another black eye on January 4, […]