In Case You Missed It, There’s a Clean Energy Jobs Boom in Tennessee

Clean energy means different things to different people. Some might picture suburban rooftops adorned in sparkly solar panels on a bright summer day. Others might envision an idyllic green-grass, blue-sky pasture framing an expanse of pearly white wind turbines. However, for many Tennesseans, clean energy means a rewarding career with above-average pay. A recent statewide [...]

Energy Grants Available Now for Farmers and Small Rural Businesses

Farmers and small rural businesses thinking of making an investment in clean energy equipment should take note, USDA grant funds are now available. Deadline is only 60 days away!

Rural Clean Energy Receives Boost from 2014 Farm Bill

The 2014 Farm Bill was finally passed into law. Here are some interesting changes, including new funding levels for programs that support rural clean energy (including REAP, BCAP, and VAPG).

Bioenergy and Biodiversity in the Southeast: Like Speeding in a Crowded Neighborhood?

For me, the study reinforces my conviction that bioenergy can be done badly and become a threat to diversity, or that it can also be done well and reduce risks to biodiversity—and can even help improve wildlife habitat in some cases. The difference between doing bioenergy well or badly is the enactment of policy—some speed limits and stop signs, if you will—that insist that bioenergy be done well, including the protection of biodiversity.

Will Rural America Continue REAPing Renewable Energy Rewards?

A USDA clean energy incentive program has reaped big benefits for the economy and the environment, but future funding is uncertain. Read more here then consider taking action to support rural clean energy!

Exploring biocarbon: The road less traveled in climate policy

This past summer, President Obama gave a speech on climate that was noteworthy for several reasons. Perhaps the most impressive moments were when he appealed to all of us citizens to step-up. But there was a major omission in the speech and the plan — the biosphere and the healing potential of biocarbon! With broad effort and careful management of biocarbon, we might actually reverse the rise from 350 to 400 ppm.

Touring Sustainable Bioenergy in Virginia

A recent tour of small-scale sustainable bioenergy facilities in Virginia left me feeling proud of the many people making strides to reduce America’s petroleum consumption.

Rural Energy for America Program grant applications due April 30!

REAP grant applications are due April 30!

Busy Season for Bioenergy

This winter has been a busy season of new bioenergy projects and policy developments.

Rollcast Energy on a Roll

Today, I toured the Piedmont Green Power project, along with other members of the Pine 2 Energy Coalition, that is currently under construction in Barnesville, Georgia, about an hour SW of Atlanta. The 54 MW biopower facility is being developed by Rollcast Energy, a company of Atlantic Power Corporation. As you turn onto the newly constructed [...]