What is causing Florida’s algae crisis? 5 questions answered

This is a guest post by Dr. Karl Havens, professor at the University of Florida’s IFAS School of Forest Resources and Conservation, and the director of the Florida Sea Grant. This post was originally published on The Conversation here on August 10, 2018. We are publishing this piece to help explain the connections between climate change and the current algae crisis plaguing Florida. 

Florida Kids Shouldn’t Have to Litigate to Force Adults to Act on Climate

Kids shouldn’t have to go to court to get adults in Florida to act on climate change. Yet, that’s what eight young Floridians have set out to do. Eight boys and girls, from across the state, supported by Our Children’s Trust, recently filed a lawsuit in state court to demand that Florida develop a “climate […]

Algae to Energy in the Southeast

One of the planet’s simplest organisms — algae — may play a significant role in our work to create solutions to global warming. High oil-producing algae can be used to make biodiesel and, at the same time, provide a means for recycling waste carbon from fossil fuel combustion. To learn more, I recently attended a […]