FPL vs. the Everglades: A costly battle

This blog was written by Samantha Knapp with the National Parks Conservation Association. This summer, an Administrative Law Judge will decide whether to let Florida Power & Light (FPL) run power lines through our neighborhoods and Everglades National Park to bring electricity to counties north of us as part of their proposed Turkey Point Expansion. [...]

Chasing Ice: A Cinematic View of Climate Change

SACE staff member Kacy Rohn contributed to this post. A new documentary on the melting of glacial ice is making waves at film festivals and around the environmental community.  The award-winning Chasing Ice is garnering praise for its dramatic time-lapse portrayals of melting glacial ice that clearly demonstrate the devastating impact of climate change. While [...]

Register Now for the Southeastern Coastal Wind Energy Conference

  The Southeast has good wind energy resources in coastal and offshore areas. The Southeastern Coastal Wind Conference, being held in Charlotte on March 8/9, will connect experts together from academia, government, non-profits and the industry to discuss our wind energy resources. Over forty organizations are helping organize the event from Virginia, North Carolina, South [...]

Good Jobs Green Jobs comes to the South

From the manufacturing of solar panels and wind turbines, to updating commercial buildings and the weatherization of homes, to the production of cleaner, safer chemicals, the green economy is emerging in cities and towns across the country. This year, regional Good Jobs, Green Jobs Conferences will be held throughout the country with the Southeastern conference [...]

Choosing your climate reality

Here’s one truth: climate science is real. Here’s another: every one of us contributes to the climate crisis and every one of us has the ability to help solve it. These simple truths inspired the Climate Reality Project: today’s 24 hour, multi-media event developed by former Vice President Al Gore to draw the world’s attention [...]

Offshore Wind Blowing into a Town Near You

Recently, an important piece of legislation was introduced in the U.S. Senate: an investment tax credit to support the development of offshore wind energy. Specifically, the Incentivizing Offshore Wind Power Act would provide a tax break to develop up to 3,000 megawatts of offshore wind energy. Such an important piece of legislation could really help [...]

Join us at the Powershift 2011 conference in DC!

This post was authored by Dan Cannon, Florida Organizer for the Southern Energy Network, a program of the Southern Alliance for Clean Energy. On April 15th – 18th, I will be surrounded by over 10,000 young climate activists in Washington D.C.  Power Shift 2011 is going down, and, just like the two previous Power Shift [...]

SACE Releases TN Coal Ash Report in Advance of EPA Public Hearing

Just a few weeks after the December 2008 Kingston coal ash disaster, on January 7, 2009, SACE Executive Director, Dr. Stephen A. Smith, traveled to Washington, D.C. with five residents of Harriman, Tennessee, the epicenter of the Kingston spill.  These residents walked the halls of Congress and implored elected officials to hear their stories about [...]

Join Hands Across the Sand this Saturday

On summer weekends visitors and residents alike head to beaches across our region to surf, fish, swim and play. One hard reality of the still-ongoing Gulf oil disaster is that at least 100 miles of Gulf coastline cannot welcome people or animals due to the oil and tar balls that continue to wash up on [...]

TVA Congressional Caucus will hold forum on renewable energy

The TVA Congressional Caucus, which helps oversee TVA, recently announced that it’s holding a forum on renewable energy in Knoxville on Thursday April 16, 2009.  While most of the details about the event have been made clear, one big question remains:  How will the Senators and Representatives that make up the TVA Congressional Caucus approach [...]