Extra Extra! Clean Power Plan Finally Published!

Almost 2 and a half months after the Clean Power Plan was released, it has finally become official. Today, the Clean Power Plan was published in the Federal Register, an important procedural step that not only makes the rule official but also marks the start of a period when the rule becomes subject to Congressional review under the Congressional Review Act. Additionally, the publication of the rule marks the beginning of what will likely be a slew of legal challenges from industry and historically coal-dependent states.

Sharp Manufacturing Jobs at Solar Facility in Memphis

Last week I had the pleasure of touring the Sharp Manufacturing Company of America’s Memphis, TN facility with a few members of SACE staff.  Having used Sharp solar panels for both our Knoxville office array, and on the array installed at my home, it was fascinating to get an inside look at the manufacturing process […]

New Climate Videos for Latino Communities in Florida

VEA NUESTROS BLOG EN ESPANOL With last month’s climate talks in Copenhagen and a reinvigorated international interest in global warming issues, the time is right to expand southeastern engagement and education about global warming. Today, the Southern Alliance for Clean Energy is releasing new Spanish translated versions of our Treasured Places in Peril, Florida Everglades […]

Captando la Comunidad Latina de Florida sobre El Cambio Climatico

READ OUR BLOG IN ENGLISH Tras las discusiones el mes pasado en Copenhagen y un interés vigorizado en asuntos del calentamiento global, es la hora para ampliar la participación del sureste y la educación del calentamiento global. Hoy, La Coalición Sureño para Energía Limpia está publicando traducciones en español de nuestros videos educativos Lugares Preciados […]

Treasured Places in Peril South Carolina

This video tells the history and stories of places in South Carolina that are particularly vulnerable to the effects of global warming. Places such as Charleston and the Lowcountry’s coastal bays and swamps as well as Southern Appalachia’s mountain streams are treasured places valued by residents and visitors each year. The message of this video […]

New Film Shows Coal’s Threat to Water Supply

SACE has just released a new short film that shows how the Power4Georgians’ proposed coal-fired Plant Washington would use up to 16 million gallons of water daily, causing a significant threat to Georgia’s precious water resources.  In the film, Saving Georgia’s Water: Preserving Georgia’s Economic Future, business owners, residents, and sportsmen discuss negative effects that […]