The Buzz Before Copenhagen

I wanted to share some interesting posts from other blogs about events leading up to the international climate talks in Copenhagen, which are less than four weeks away.  First, here is a good overview of the meeting between the U.S. and China on global warming from NRDC’s blog, “Switchboard.” There’s lots of chatter about the [...]

House Committee Votes on Climate Legislation

It wasn’t an easy journey, yet the American Clean Energy and Security Act of 2009 (ACES) cleared a first hurdle yesterday evening as the House Committee on Energy and Commerce approved it by a vote of 33 to 25.  While there is still a long road ahead to realize effective climate legislation that reduces America’s [...]

Cleaner cars: coming to a road near you

After decades idling in the slow lane, our nation’s automotive policies are finally on a fast-track.  Surrounded by auto makers and executives, President Obama announced today that his administration will craft a single new national standard to improve automotive emissions and increase the mileage of cars and light trucks: “For the first time in history, [...]

Show Time: Clean Energy in the bright, Congressional spotlight

Next week, members of Congress begin serious consideration of a clean energy jobs plan that can move our country an enormous step closer to energy, economic and climate security.  The American Clean Energy and Security Act has the potential to generate millions of clean energy jobs, break our dependence on fossil fuels, help Americans reduce [...]

Economy drives electric power use down in Southeast

Electric power use in the southeast declined over the last year three times more than the national average, according to the March 2009 Electric Power Monthly report. Looking at the electric power sector only, electric power demand dropped by 2.7% in 2008. Presumably the economic downturn is the reason for this dramatic drop in power [...]

Yes, there is renewable energy in the southeast

We must have hit a nerve somewhere, because our opponents are bringing forward a country music phenom turned energy expert who says our song won’t play. Lance Brown, executive director of the otherwise-unknown “Partnership for Affordable Clean Energy,” says that we’re exaggerating when we claim that “unproven resources such as solar, wind, and biomass to [...]

Hundreds of Economists Sign SACE Statement on Cap-and-Trade Auctions

It’s hard enough to get a few people to agree about where to have dinner, so when more than 600 of America’s leading economists agree on something there must be little doubt about it. On March 4, 2009, SACE released a statement signed by more than 600 economists who agree that Congress must auction pollution [...]

Yes We Can: Southern Solutions for a National Renewable Energy Standard

A report released today by the Southern Alliance for Clean Energy confirms that eleven Southeastern states can tap homegrown clean energy resources to meet a significant percentage of electric power demands. In fact, with existing renewable energy supplies and untapped potential, the Southeast has the capacity to meet a robust renewable energy standard (RES) using [...]