U.S. Renewable Electricity Future Is Within Reach

In June, the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) released a groundbreaking new study showing that the United States could generate 80 percent of its electricity from renewable energy by 2050 with commercially available technologies, while meeting electricity demand in every hour of the year and every region of the country.

Loss of Life from Coal Pollution Outweighs Value of Electricity

A new study from the Environmental Integrity Project (EIP) finds that in many cases, the value of lost life from a coal plant’s pollution outweighs the value of the electricity that the plant produces. EIP looked at a large selection of coal plants from across the United States. Using conservative estimates, they determined that pollution […]

Well, Is Bioenergy Carbon Neutral Or Not?

Are you feeling impatient about the complex question of biogenic carbon? For those who care about biomass, forests, or the climate, four new papers are worth careful reading.

Report on power plant water use garners SE media coverage

On November 15, the EW3 (Energy and Water in a Warming World) Initiative released a report titled, Freshwater Use by U.S. Power Plants: Electricity’s Thirst for a Precious Resource. Across the Southeast the media paid close attention to the valuable new information in this report, and in large part because of the efforts of SACE staff […]

Georgia Review on Energy and Water in a Warming World Report

To follow our recent blog post about activities in North Carolina last week surrounding the release of the Energy and Water in a Warming World (EW3) initiative’s new report, Freshwater Use by U.S. Power Plants: Electricity’s Thirst for a Precious Resource, here’s a look-back on our events in Georgia. Why release such a report in […]

Week in review on water and energy in NC

Earlier this week I had the pleasure of working in Charlotte, NC with Dr. Peter Frumhoff, Director of Science and Policy with the Union of Concerned Scientists, to release the new Energy and Water in a Warming World Initiative (EW3) report, Freshwater Use by U.S. Power Plants. Peter is one of the key advisers to the […]

New Report Highlights Power Plant Stress on Freshwater Supplies in Southeast

A new report by the Energy and Water in a Warming World Initiative (EW3), “Freshwater Use by U.S. Power Plants: Electricity’s Thirst for a Precious Resource,” details how water use by power plants for cooling needs stresses freshwater resources around the country, including here in the Southeast. The report also reveals that the reporting of water […]

Koch Brothers Invest in Climate Change Denial

Over the past year, industrialists Charles and David Koch have garnered considerable media attention for their extensive funding of conservative infrastructure. In August of 2010, The New Yorker magazine published an in-depth profile of the brothers, “Covert Operations: The billionaire brothers who are waging a war against Obama.” The article drew considerable attention to their […]

Plant Washington: Coal Job Promises Overblown?

Communities where coal plants are proposed, like Sandersville, GA often feel divided between protecting their environmental health and creating jobs. Now, with the release of a new report by the Ochs Center for Metropolitan Studies, they are armed with a new tool to assess job claims that may be too good to be true. The […]

Report: New Investment in Coal is a Risky Proposition

A report released today by the Union of Concerned Scientists adds to the growing body of knowledge about the danger of our over-reliance on coal as our primary source of electricity.  The new report, “A Risky Proposition: The Financial Hazards of New Investments in Coal Plants” highlights the financial risks that utilities and ratepayers face […]