New Report: Alabama ratepayers are “Left in the Dark” by PSC

How do ratepayers usually know whether or not the electricity bills they pay are fair? In many states with monopoly investor-owned electric utilities, ratepayers typically have access to and can participate in the utility’s process for deciding what sources of energy to invest in. State regulators publicly review and approve a key utility document called [...]

An Urgent Call to Climate Action in the IPCC Synthesis Report

This post, authored by Ilissa Ocko, originally appeared on Climate 411, a blog by Environmental Defense Fund, on November 4, 2014. You can view the original post here. This post concludes our blog series on the IPCC’s 5th Assessment Report, the other posts of which can be found here. It was released two days late for [...]

Ash In Lungs: How Breathing Coal Ash is Hazardous to Your Health

This guest post is written by Lisa Evans and was originally published on Earthjustice’s blog on July 31, 2014. You can access the original post here.  Take a deep breath—but not too deep if you live near a coal ash dumpsite, because the air pollution from coal ash dust can be dangerous. Today, Physicians for [...]

Florida’s Big Power Companies: Influence or Coincidence?

A report released today by a non-profit watchdog group, Integrity Florida, concludes that hefty political contributions by the state’s biggest power companies and their army of lobbyists have helped advance the interest of the companies’ shareholders to the detriment of customers. The report finds that the power companies have contributed more than $18 million to [...]

Scathing report finds Alabama PSC failing to protect ratepayers

A new report from the Arise Citizens’ Policy Project released March 1, “Public Utility Regulation Without the Public: The Alabama Public Service Commission and Alabama Power” [PDF] details ways Alabama’s utility regulatory system leaves customers paying some of the highest bills in the country and Alabama Power profiting far more than other utilities nationwide. According [...]

Many Coal Plants in the SE are Ripe for Retirement

Today the Union of Concerned Scientists released an important new report entitled “Ripe for Retirement: The Case for Closing America’s Costliest Coal Plants”, which highlights the financial uncertainty of many coal plants around the nation.  It turns out that the Southeast is home to a staggering number of inefficient and uneconomic coal plants. As of  May 31, [...]

U.S. Renewable Electricity Future Is Within Reach

In June, the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) released a groundbreaking new study showing that the United States could generate 80 percent of its electricity from renewable energy by 2050 with commercially available technologies, while meeting electricity demand in every hour of the year and every region of the country.

Loss of Life from Coal Pollution Outweighs Value of Electricity

A new study from the Environmental Integrity Project (EIP) finds that in many cases, the value of lost life from a coal plant’s pollution outweighs the value of the electricity that the plant produces. EIP looked at a large selection of coal plants from across the United States. Using conservative estimates, they determined that pollution [...]

Well, Is Bioenergy Carbon Neutral Or Not?

Are you feeling impatient about the complex question of biogenic carbon? For those who care about biomass, forests, or the climate, four new papers are worth careful reading.

Report on power plant water use garners SE media coverage

On November 15, the EW3 (Energy and Water in a Warming World) Initiative released a report titled, Freshwater Use by U.S. Power Plants: Electricity’s Thirst for a Precious Resource. Across the Southeast the media paid close attention to the valuable new information in this report, and in large part because of the efforts of SACE staff [...]