Electric Vehicle Weekly News Roundup – June 8, 2018

This week has seen historical commitments to electric vehicle supply equipment (EVSE). In California, the Public Service Commission approved Investor Owned Utilities’ plans to invest $750 million dollars in EV charging and rebate proposals. The revolutionary plan to advance the electrification of the transportation system is being hailed as “one of the largest and most […]

SACE in the News: Challenging the Nuclear Tax at Florida Supreme Court

In December of 2011, Southern Alliance for Clean Energy filed an appeal with the Florida State Supreme Court challenging the Florida Public Service Commission’s (PSC) November 2011 decision regarding advanced nuclear cost recovery for Progress Energy Florida (PEF – now merged with Duke Energy) and Florida Power & Light (FPL). The PSC approved a combined […]

SACE Challenges Florida Nuclear Power Tax

In December of 2011, SACE filed an appeal with the Florida State Supreme Court challenging the Florida Public Service Commission’s (PSC) November 2011 decision regarding “nuclear cost recovery” for Progress Energy (PEF) and Florida Power & Light (FPL). The PSC approved a combined $282 million for those two utilities, bringing the total to more than […]

SACE in the News: The choice between clean energy and fossil fuels

Hope everyone is having a great Thanksgiving with lots of family, friends and food. Many things to give thanks for today, including for me, that we may be on the verge of a significant investment in renewable energy that will benefit the Southeast. A recent article in the Tennessean titled “TVA may pipe in wind […]

NPR coverage of EVs omits some important facts

I sent the following letter to National Public Radio’s (NPR) Morning Edition, I got a form response. It appears to be regular occurrence on NPR’s Morning Edition to say negative things about electric cars. NPR’s November 21st story focused on the negative aspects of electric vehicles (EVs) and failed to point out some important factual […]

Report on power plant water use garners SE media coverage

On November 15, the EW3 (Energy and Water in a Warming World) Initiative released a report titled, Freshwater Use by U.S. Power Plants: Electricity’s Thirst for a Precious Resource. Across the Southeast the media paid close attention to the valuable new information in this report, and in large part because of the efforts of SACE staff […]

SACE in the News: Defending Clean Air and Questioning TVA on Bellefonte Nuclear Plant

SACE’s Federal Policy Director, Jennifer Rennicks recently penned an op-ed titled,“Stand up for clean air” in her hometown paper, the Asheville Citizen-Times. While one may be tempted to wonder who doesn’t support clean air, The Environmental Protection Agency and the Clean Air Act have become public enemy #1 for some members of Congress. In her […]

Nuclear safety and NRC oversight called into question by series of investigative reports

The Associated Press (AP) has published a hard-hitting four-part series, detailing the cozy relationship between the nuclear power industry and the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC), the federal agency that regulates utilities operating nuclear power plants. The depth and scope of the investigation provides a stunning look behind the scenes of the nuclear power industry […]

SACE in the News: Coal Ash Regulations Likely Delayed Until After 2012 Election

Two recent articles about coal ash featured comments by SACE’s Executive Director, Dr. Stephen Smith. An article in the Knoxville News-Sentinel, “Environmental groups see politics behind delay of rules on coal ash” brings the unwelcome news that classifying coal ash as hazardous waste will likely not happen until after the 2012 election. Dr. Smith, is […]

Energy efficiency also helps low-income customers

State House Rep. Joe Gibbons – Photo: Tallahassee Democrat Rep. Joe Gibbons has kindly allowed us to reprint his published essay.  He addresses the critical need that low-income utility customers have for expanded energy efficiency programs.  As demonstrated in a recent study by Florida Power & Light , low-income residents participate in energy efficiency programs at […]