Study Proves Fossil Fuels Way Worse for Land Use than Renewables

A new, peer-reviewed article published in the scientific journal SCIENCE estimates that 3 million hectares of land (that’s 11,583 square miles, or 30,000 square kilometers) have been lost due to¬†oil and gas well pads, storage tanks and associated roads developed in North America since the year 2000.¬†Rangeland and cropland through the heartland have been particularly […]

Researching natural gas leaks is important to regulation

Once again, Environmental Defense Fund’s Methane Research project is in the news – with concerns about whether EDF is transforming a highly polluting industry, or whether that industry is using EDF to enable pollution to be continued. SACE is deeply concerned about methane emissions, which occur throughout the process of drilling, transporting and using natural […]

The Natural Gas Gamble: New UCS Report Highlights Dependence Concerns

The Natural Gas Gamble Today, the Union of Concerned Scientists (UCS) released a new analysis, which shows that instead of aggressive over-reliance on natural gas by utilities as they phase out coal plants, a far better bet for achieving a clean energy future is to greatly expand the use of renewable energy and energy efficiency. […]

Hurricane Irene and its Impact on Fossil Fuels and Nuclear Power

This is the first in a three part series of blogs examining how natural disasters like hurricanes impact our energy generation. Traditional energy resources (nuclear, coal, oil and natural gas) appeared to earn passing grades for how they weathered Hurricane Irene this past week. In fact, coal, oil, natural gas and nuclear proponents tried to […]