U.S. Falters Again on Global Climate Leadership Despite Small Steps at Home

Last month at the United Nations Climate Summit in New York, President Obama acknowledged America’s responsibility to act on climate change. On the eve of the U.N. Summit, hundreds of thousands of people marched on the streets of New York’s financial district and called for aggressive action from the private sector to curb global carbon emissions, which increased by [...]

Shout Out: Good Carbon Reduction News from TVA

OK, I admit it; in our watchdog/clean energy advocate role, we at SACE are often critical of our regional utilities. Yet, we have and will continue to call out positive developments and give credit where credit is due for movement in the right direction. Here is a big shout out for the biggest public power [...]

Climate conversations in Cancun crawling along

As we pass the half-way mark in this year’s annual U.N. climate change talks, the differences abound between the current negotiations in Cancun, Mexico and those which concluded last December in Copenhagen, Denmark.  SACE’s executive director, Dr. Stephen Smith, and I had the privilege to observe last year’s talks (officially known as the 15th gathering [...]

Pondering the impacts of Climategate one year later

One year ago this week, in late November 2009, more than 1,000 stolen e-mails from scientists at England’s University of East Anglia were made public. Climate skeptics, eager to find evidence of a conspiracy, had a field day claiming these emails showed scientific misconduct and argued these emails should cast doubt on decades of findings. [...]

The US is on board with the Copenhagen Accord

Update: as of Monday, February 1, 57 nations (including the 27-member European Union) are likely to or have associated with the Copenhagen Accord, representing 73.3% of global emissions. January 31, 2010 is the deadline for nations supporting the Copenhagen Accord to submit their greenhouse gas emissions reduction plans. Today, just days before the deadline, the [...]

So what Really Happened in Copenhagen?

This post was co-authored by Stephen Smith and Jennifer Rennicks Well, it depends on who you ask? While the United Nations climate talks are officially over, the world does not have the fair, ambitious, and binding treaty that science demands of us to protect all global citizens, rich and poor, from the perils of accelerating climate change. This [...]

Live from Copenhagen: So The Climate Talks Are Winding Down

So the Climate talks are winding down, leaders of National governments are leaving town, including President Obama, it’s approaching midnight here in Copenhagen and I don’t believe we have a clear understanding of what, if any, “deal” has been done. There was an unprecedented build up to these talks, tremendous hope and expectations from citizens [...]

Copenhagen Close-up: Denmark’s Thrifty Use of Bioenergy

Both open-burning and rotting are worst-case scenarios for the climate.

Copenhagan Close-Up: Black Carbon – small particle, big problem

This post was co-authored by John Wilson, Laura Wilson and Anne Blair Being so close to the Arctic here in Copenhagen, I have been listening carefully to what people have to say about the melting of the polar ice cap. While scientists still agree that carbon dioxide is the major driver of global warming, nearly [...]

Live in Copenhagen: Rep. Blackburn plays politics at the expense of the planet

It was with great disappointment that I watched the congresswoman’s republican response to the President’s weekly radio address last Saturday. She is now in Copenhagen as part of the U.S. Congressional Delegation. Her grandstanding appears to be more aimed at her growing Sara Palin wannabe ambition and appealing to the hard right teabag wing of the [...]