Inaugural Symposium: Social Justice, Environmental Justice and the Impact on Minority Health

February, Black History Month, is known for the remembrance of important people and events in the history of the African diaspora. As such, it is the perfect month to convene health care professionals and environmentalists to discuss public health disparities from pollution in low income and communities of color. On February 1, SACE, the Atlanta Black Nurses […]

Protect childrens health, protect the environment

October is Children’s Health Month and a great opportunity to stand up for clean energy and clean air policies that will protect human health, especially children’s health since they are the most vulnerable and most sensitive to dangerous pollutants in our air and water. For example, children have increased exposures to environmental contaminants, especially air […]

From Smoke Stacks and Tailpipes to Asthma Attacks and Clean Air Gripes

SACE staffers Anne Blair and Jennifer Rennicks contributed to this post. May is Asthma Awareness month: an opportunity to highlight a serious, chronic respiratory disease that affects the quality of life of nearly 26 million Americans, including more than seven million children. The exact causes of asthma are unknown, however there are several environmental factors, especially […]

Poor, Minority Metro-Atlanta Neighborhoods Attract More Pollution

Examples have shown time and time again that low income and communities of color continue to suffer disproportionate impacts from dirty energy choices here in the Southeast. A new report released by GreenLaw appears to confirm this trend.  This report identifies eight types of air, water, and land pollution and compares them with demographic data […]

Good Jobs Green Jobs comes to the South

From the manufacturing of solar panels and wind turbines, to updating commercial buildings and the weatherization of homes, to the production of cleaner, safer chemicals, the green economy is emerging in cities and towns across the country. This year, regional Good Jobs, Green Jobs Conferences will be held throughout the country with the Southeastern conference […]

With Clean Air and Justice for All

This Thursday, May 26th, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) will hold a public hearing in Atlanta, Georgia to solicit comments on the proposed and long-awaited rule to set national standards for mercury pollution from coal-fired power plants. Mercury is a potent toxin and exposure can cause a variety of health problems from learning disorders to […]

EPA Takes Input on New Climate Pollution Safeguards

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is preparing to issue New Source Performance Standards (NSPS) for safeguarding our climate from greenhouse gas (GHG) pollution emitted from major sources such as coal plants and refineries. When it comes to climate change, we are all stakeholders, caring about clean air, healthy communities and our environment. Recognizing this, EPA […]

Community Leaders Say Smart Energy Policies are Pathways out of Poverty

Just as temperatures where dropping and some residents in low income communities were thinking about how they’d pay their astronomical electric bills this winter, a group of community leaders traveled to Washington, DC.  These leaders went to meet with their congressional offices to discuss how good energy policies can lead to savings in the home, […]

Realizing Success with Efficiency in Georgia

This blogpost was co-authored by Marcus Strong, energy policy intern for SACE in the summer of 2010. Often in politics, we don’t immediately see the effects of actions, whether it’s a decision maker’s vote on a piece of legislation, a court overturning a case, or a constituent writing to Congress urging a stand on a […]

The Gulf Oil Disaster, Vulnerable Communities and Energy Policy

This post was co-authored by Seandra Rawls and Marcus Strong, Clean Energy Policy intern for the summer of 2010. The sinking of the BP Deepwater Horizon oil rig and the uncontrollable oil leak that resulted is already being called the nation’s worst environmental disaster. For a region already battling poverty and still recovering  from Hurricane […]