Georgia Power Lights the Way with Discounted LEDs

Last month, Georgia Power began offering discounted LEDs (light emitting diodes) at Home Depot, while supplies last. The program is quite simple – all you have to do is stop by Home Depot and buy the discounted LEDs! While you are in Home Depot, you might be able to pick up discounted CFLs (compact florescent […]

Southeastern States Headed Up, But Still Have Room to Grow with Energy Efficiency

Yesterday, the  American Council for an Energy Efficient Economy released its seventh annual State Energy Efficiency Scorecard. The annual report ranks states on their policy and program efforts, and provides recommendations for ways in which states can improve their energy efficiency performance. As you can see from the national map, the Southeast is still lagging behind, with […]

Continued Carbon Dioxide Emissions Savings at SACE!

I am proud to announce that SACE reduced our carbon dioxide emissions by another ten metric tons from 2011 to 2012! As in years past, after calculating our footprint, we purchased offsets for the equivalent of 166 metric tons of carbon dioxide from Native Energy. As with the last three years, we calculated Scope 1, […]

Duke Energy’s New Energy Savings Incentive Benefits Consumers and Cuts Energy Waste

Yesterday, the North Carolina Utilities Commission approved Duke Energy’s new energy efficiency financial incentive. With the order, Duke Energy will shift away from the Modified Save-A-Watt pilot that was approved in 2009, to a more common shared savings model. By adopting the shared savings incentive, the North Carolina Utilities Commission and their support confirmed their […]

Knoxville Mayor Madeline Rogero Champions Efficiency!

The City of Knoxville should be proud of Mayor Madeline Rogero for her efforts to institute and advance energy efficiency! Last Friday, at the 24th annual Energy Efficiency Forum held in Washington, D.C., Mayor Rogero was awarded an Energy Leadership Award at the National Press Club for her exemplary leadership in instituting and advancing energy efficiency […]

2012 Utility Efficiency Savings Goals Met by TVA, Georgia Power and Duke Energy

The Southeast utilities are starting to step up their game in energy efficiency. I am pleased to report that three of the major utilities here in the Southeast not only met their 2012 energy efficiency goals, they exceeded them by 2-22%! The idea of energy efficiency goals in the South was just a glimmer in […]

Louisiana Public Service Commission backs out on efficiency rules

In a bizarre reversal last Wednesday, the Louisiana Public Service Commission repealed the energy efficiency rules they had just passed in December, thereby undoing their first and only step toward saving customers money through efficiency.

Mississippi to surpass Alabama in energy efficiency?

Slow and steady wins the race, they say. Though Alabama was off to a better start,  it’s beginning to look like the state of Mississippi is going to surpass Alabama in their support for energy efficiency in the near future! As I wrote about 18 months ago, Mississippi Public Service Commission (PSC) released proposed energy […]

Can We Reinvent Fire in the Southeast?

Here at SACE, we have been investigating new clean energy ideas that we can build on. These efforts have lead us to Rocky Mountain Institute‘s most recent publication, Reinventing Fire: Bold Business Solutions for a New Energy Era. Reinventing Fire caught our eye because it offers a future without coal, oil or nuclear power and with […]

TVA exceeds its efficiency goals, but still lags in the nation

TVA issued a press release on the results of its 2012 fiscal year energy efficiency numbers at the beginning of the month, and we are happy to see that TVA and its distributors exceeded their energy efficiency goals. TVA reported that its energy efficiency and demand response programs reduced electricity useage by 560 GWh in […]