Well, Is Bioenergy Carbon Neutral Or Not?

Are you feeling impatient about the complex question of biogenic carbon? For those who care about biomass, forests, or the climate, four new papers are worth careful reading.

Grants Now Available for Advancing Biofuels Commercialization in NC

The story of David and Goliath is one that should bring courage to advanced biofuels innovators. So should a new round of grants from the Biofuels Center of North Carolina.

Looking beyond Solyndra to REAP big rewards

Yes, Solyndra was disappointing. But we must not forget the many successful projects that have also received taxpayer support. Here are a few great examples of REAP solar projects in the Southeast region.

NC Court Ruling on Biomass is Bad Policy

This may have been a precise and solid legal decision, but it’s still bad policy.

Who has the Power? You Do! Take this Quiz

There are persistent myths in the field of renewable energy and energy efficiency. One such myth – promoted by the coal industry and their utility friends – is that the Southeast doesn’t have any renewable energy resources. This myth appears in different forms – from renewable energy resources are too expensive or too diffuse, to […]

Is Biomass Electricity a Smart Thing to Do?

Visiting with relatives over the holidays, I was asked, “is biomass electricity a smart thing to do?”

The Good and The Bad on Biomass News in North Carolina

Rumor has it that Duke Energy plans to convert the Dan River power plant from coal to biomass fuel. However, the NCUC reached its decision when considering the relatively insignificant amount of biomass being used in two pilot co-firing projects. There was big news for biomass issued out of North Carolina this month (Charlotte Business […]

Update to our blogpost on Gainesville’s GREC biopower plant

We got some excellent feedback to our blogpost on the Gainesville Renewable Energy Center (GREC), both in the comments section and via email.  [For the uninitiated, this is the 100MW biomass electricity project launched by the Gainesville Regional Utility (GRU).] We received questions like * Did SACE consider whether the plant is “needed”? and * […]

Dams in the desert, windmills in the doldrums, biopower in the Berkshires

From SACE’s perspective, the Manomet study of biomass and carbon offers an important new way to describe and think-through the possible impacts on the climate from biomass energy. Although the study’s findings are limited in geographic scope, the methodology can be applied elsewhere to great benefit.

Florida RPS: Glass half-full or half-empty?

Opposition to a state RPS is economically self-defeating