Life in Japan One Year After Fukushima

Last August, I shared with you what living in Japan was like for me after those fateful events on March 11, 2011. At the time, I was proud to highlight the bravery and strength of the Japanese people and excited to tell you about some of the generosity I witnessed and participated in during the […]

Georgia Power Finishes 2011 with a Round of Applause

This blog was written by Natalie Mims and Jeannie McKinney. A little bit of congratulating is in order for one of the Southeast’s largest investor-owned electric utilities. As we’ve said time and again, the Southeast is often touted as one of the most neglectful regions in the U.S. for energy efficiency. Last October, Natalie Mims, […]

New Ways To Track Your Energy Usage in 2012

As February is already getting under way, I’d like to share with you some new and innovative ways to help make 2012 your most energy-aware year ever. Obviously, confronting energy issues doesn’t exactly top the list of yearly resolutions that Americans make for themselves every January. With New Year’s goals usually centering on more tangible […]

VEC Utility Customers More Informed Than Most

Not all electricity bills are created equal, and today we’d like to commend a local utility company on providing their customers with an exceptionally detailed one. Volunteer Energy Cooperative (VEC) provides information and advice beyond what the average national utility bill presents. Last November, John Wilson, SACE’s Research Director, shared with you a study about […]

An Efficient Holiday Season: Eco Entertaining

I wanted to wrap up our holiday series by addressing a final, major seasonal activity that is generally high in energy consumption: holiday entertaining. I know that party planning can be a daunting task at times, and just having a few relatives and friends over for a quiet evening can require hours of preparation. There’s […]

An Efficient Holiday Season: Decorating Edition

Over the last couple weeks, I’ve shared with you some tips and tricks for minimizing the energy impact of your holiday cooking exploits and your shopping and gift giving activities. However, I’ve not yet touched on the aesthetics of the season. No winter season is complete without the ornamental lights, or the cheerful air of […]

An Efficient Holiday Season: Cooking Edition

This blog was written by SACE intern Jeannie McKinney. Well readers, it’s that time of year again: the time when temperatures go way down, lights come on earlier, and energy bills go way up. In addition to encouraging winterizing your house for the colder months, we here at SACE wanted to share with you some […]

Revitalizing a Community with Environment in Mind: A New Hope in New Norris

This blog was written by SACE intern Jeannie McKinney and Natalie Mims. Our nation has seen an exponential rise in environmental activism and energy problem solving within the last decade, and the Southeast is no exception.  Today, community groups are starting to create their own energy and sustainability solutions to local and national environmental problems. […]

A Perspective On Helping Japan Disaster Victims

Note from SACE High Risk Energy Choices program director, Sara Barczak: SACE Intern Jeannie McKinney authored this guest blog. She is working in our Knoxville, TN office on energy efficiency policy. Prior to her internship, she was living in Japan and thus provides a unique perspective on the ongoing Fukushima nuclear disaster. Jeannie will provide […]