Update on How the Coal Processing Chemical Spill Continues to Disrupts Life in West Virginia

UPDATE: Ten days later, as of January 23, my mother-in-law is still not using her water.  The ban was lifted for her area about 3-4 days after my original post on January 13 (total 8-10 days), but most of the residents around her are still afraid to use the water.  The media, the Governor, the [...]

New NAACP report touts energy equity opportunities

The National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) released a new report this week,  Just Energy Policies,  profiling energy policies that can help reform energy production and use in the U.S., and highlighting the opportunities they provide to improve equity and economic growth in communities of color. The report includes state summaries detailing which [...]

Drive an Electric Vehicle This Weekend for National Plug In Day

Want more first hand experience with an electric vehicle?  Well, this weekend is a great time to get behind the wheel and try one out for yourself during National Plug In Day.  Events are happening all around the region in Atlanta, Charlotte, Huntsville and multiple locations in Tennessee and Florida.  A full listing can be [...]

Ecotality Blinks Out, But EVs Still Growing

In recent news, electric vehicle charger developer and EV Project coordinator, Ecotality, announced that it is likely to file for bankruptcy. Ecotality has spearheaded some of the largest charging infrastructure installations in the U.S. over the past few years (see our blog here) with support from the Department of Energy (DOE). This news may raise [...]

Bridging Faith and Science to Fight Climate Change

“We must find common ground or we lose all ground.”  Reverend Dr. Gerald Durley Over the weekend, an impressive line up of community leaders gathered at Ebenezer Baptist Church in downtown Atlanta, Ga. to show support for President Obama’s Climate Change Plan as a part of the larger ‘I Will #ActOnClimate’ campaign.  The event, which [...]

Atlanta Biodiesel Station Celebrates One Year Anniversary

We kicked off the one-year anniversary of the opening of our retail biodiesel station by hosting Atlanta Green Drinks this past Wednesday, June 12th. It was a fun and festive celebration with a great line-up of drinks, food and entertainment from a few fantastic supporters, and from many of the local restaurants that provide grease [...]

New Report Confirms Black Carbon Significant to Climate Change: Diesel Engines Best Target

A striking new report was released yesterday showing diesel pollution’s significance in climate change.  In fact, the report shows that black carbon is the second most important individual climate-warming agent after carbon dioxide (CO2) and a much more potent source than previously reported. Black Carbon (BC) results from the incomplete combustion of fossil fuels, biofuels and biomass. [...]

New Soot Standards Bring Cheer for the New Year

You know what’s the best holiday gift of all–the promise of cleaner air!  Today, after years of delay, a legal battle and facing a court-ordered deadline, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency issued updated major new air standards (known as National Ambient Air Quality Standards (NAAQS)) for fine particulate matter (PM2.5 or “soot”).  Particulate matter is emitted from various [...]

Clean Cars Become Reality

Today is a historic day for our transportation future. The Obama Administration issued new clean car standards that will dramatically cut oil consumption, reduce emissions from the transportation sector, and save Americans millions of dollars annually. These standards will help communities and individuals by reducing emissions and fuel costs, but they are notable because they [...]

The EV Project expands to Atlanta

The EV Project, which we first blogged about a year ago, is successfully wrapping up in Tennessee. Its impact in bringing electric vehicles (EVs) to the market is significant and will continue for years to come. And, because of the project’s success in TN and other states, it is now expanding across the nation. As part of [...]