Congress: Picking energy losers, over clean energy winners

Congress just released its proposed┬á“tax reform” plan – and it’s a doozie. Instead of promoting renewable energy and electric vehicles, the plan would slash those incentives – while giving a massive bailout to the failing nuclear industry.

Two years ago, Congress passed a massive overhaul for the wind and solar industries that gave a clear path for phasing-out tax credits for those industries. The newly proposed “tax reform” plan reneges on that promise made two years ago and threatens tens of billions of dollars in clean, domestic, renewable energy development and the jobs that these industries support.

The wildly popular, and effective tax credit for electric vehicles has produced many jobs, cut pollution, and increased our energy security. But now Congress’s “tax reform” plan would totally eliminate the electric vehicle tax credit, and slam on the breaks of this American industry.

Meanwhile, Congress would extend $6 billion worth of subsidies to the failing nuclear industry.

If these proposed changes concern you, click here to tell Congress to support clean energy and electric vehicles!

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Every day I find out that more objections provisions are included in the “tax” bill. Cutting incentives for clean energy should not be in this bill. We need to cut incentives for fossil based fuel.

This is a tax cut for the very rich. period. kill the bill.

Comment by Wenndy Zara on November 10, 2017 9:55 am

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