Danger Days on the Rise in Florida

Is it hot enough for you?

Well, Climate Central just released a report that it’s about to get hotter, especially in Florida. The study finds National Weather Service-designated “Danger Days” — where sweltering heat and humidity combine to create hazardous “real feel” temperatures above 105 degrees Fahrenheit — will increase by 2.4 times across the U.S. from now to 2050, and continue rising globally because of climate disruption.

In Florida, these Danger Days are expected to more than quadruple.

By every measure, Florida is the state projected to see the biggest impact of worsening extreme heat. Statewide, Florida sees an average of 25 danger days per year today. By 2050, the state is projected to see an average of 130, or three and a half months of, dangerous heat days per year.

Rising temperatures and oppressively hot “Danger Days” are projected to cause thousands of U.S. deaths each year from heat stroke, dehydration and other heat-related causes, predominantly among the most vulnerable: children under five years old, elderly over 65 years old and those below the poverty line.


Climate Central’s study analyzes historical temperature trends and data from 29 climate models to illustrate current and future effects of extreme heat and humidity.

Regarding Florida, the study finds:

  • Every one of the top 13 cities across the nation predicted to see the greatest increase of danger days are in Florida.
  • Florida is projected to see a five-fold increase in danger days statewide, far worse than the 140% increase across the entire U.S.
  • Miami ranks 1st among cities with the biggest increase of 90 degree days since 1970.

There’s an old adage, when you find yourself in a hole, stop digging. Let’s not make it worse. We must stop polluting with dangerous carbon pollution that is trapping even more heat. Time for a Clean Energy Revolution.

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Let’s all face the facts, as we can all feel the increase in temperature in Florida and around the country. Let’s do what it takes to cool down the world wide climate by taking the necessary steps of reducing the carbon content in the world’s atmosphere. Let’s welcome clean energy and all of the necessary ingredients that will reduce the super heating of the earth’s atmosphere which will cause results that we will all regret including our lives and the future of our planet.

Comment by Anthony Lillich on July 15, 2016 1:45 pm

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