Climate Change Arctic Program Discussion in Norway

This post is part two of our climate change blog series, Clean Energy Girl Goes to Norway. You can read part one here.

Kistefos Museum

Greetings from Norway! As I mentioned earlier, I’ve joined other concerned citizens from across the world to help plan an expedition to the Arctic, in our attempt to better understand how we can react to climate change. After a relatively short flight from Newark to Oslo, the rest of the U.S. delegation and I are settled in at Ovre Vang Gard in Jevnaker, Norway. I’m excited to be working with a group from all over the U.S., including Alpena, Michigan; Whittier, California; Toms River, New Jersey; Tuscon, Arizona and St. Petersburg Florida.

Upon our arrival, we were treated to a wonderful tour of Kistefos-Museet, a pulp mill closed in the 1950s and sculpture park which includes my personal favorite a sculpture by Fernando Botero.

I particularly enjoyed a Fredrick Raddum called Teddy – Beast of the Hedonic Treadmill, pictured below. It seemed appropriate to a discussion of climate change when so many people have their head in the sand or elsewhere…….

Teddy – Beast of the Hedonic Treadmill

Susan Glickman, Raginvald Naero, Statkraft Director of Business Development. Kim Dubois, Public Affairs Officer, US Embassy in Norway. St. Petersburg city council member Darden Rice.

Last evening I had the opportunity to meet with the other participants in the Climate Change Arctic Program during a reception and dinner for the participants in a beautiful setting across from one of Norway’s largest lakes, Lake Randsfjorden. There was interesting conversation with so many involved people from a variety of disciplines, and it was wonderful to hear what everyone was bringing to the climate conversation.

This morning was spent with presentations from the American participants. Included among them was a presentation from the Mayor of Toms River, New Jersey, who gave an in-depth, firsthand account of the devastation caused by Superstorm Hurricane Sandy in 2012.

As I write this, we are hearing now from Frederic Hauge, the Founder of Bellona one of Norway’s leading environmental organizations, talking about why the focus on the Arctic is important. He is describing the variety of issues in this fragile ecosystem from ice melt, thermohaline circulation, the global distillation of pollutants and fishing production. The new sea routes in the Arctic as sea ice melts and the challenges there.

Stay tuned for more live updates from Clean Energy Girl as these meetings in Norway get underway!

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