5 Things Obama Said About Climate Change Today That Could Impact the Southeast

This blog was co-authored by SACE Coastal Climate and Energy Coordinator, Chris Carnevale. “There’s no single step that can reverse the effects of climate change. But when it comes to the world we leave our children, we owe it to them to do what we can.” – President Obama, June 22, 2013 At Georgetown University […]

Obama Speech Connects Climate to Responsible Parenting

“I refuse to condemn…future generations to a planet that’s beyond fixing.“ President Obama, June 25, 2013 President Obama’s speech today was a welcome outline of the additional actions this administration will take to reduce the impacts of human induced climate disruption.  I also heard in today’s message from the president his desire as a father […]

Southeast River Runs Part 2: Coal ash on the Catawba River

This is the second blog in a series featuring rivers of the Southeast endangered by toxic coal ash pollution. The rest of the series can be found here. Thanks to Rick Gaskins, Catawba Riverkeeper, who contributed to this post.  The Catawba River runs approximately 320 miles from its headwaters near Blowing Rock, North Carolina to the Congaree swamp in […]

Greening Your Summer: Climate Friendly Parks

As of last Friday, summer is officially here! A popular destination for many vacationers this season will be one of our National Parks, which see over 275 million visitors in a year. Since its creation in 1916 through the signing of the Organic Act, the National Park Service (NPS) has cared for these beautiful parks […]

5,000+ at Bonnaroo Say No to Keystone XL

Any minute now, President Obama could approve the proposed Keystone XL pipeline, which would transport dirty tar sands oil from Alberta, Canada to refineries along the Gulf Coast in Texas. The pipeline was proposed in 2008, yet has been continuously placed on hold. A country-wide movement has taken off with strong public opposition to the […]

So-called nuclear renaissance relapses, recovery seems unlikely

Despite much fanfare about the so-called nuclear “renaissance” over the past several years, not much has actually materialized. In fact, the last couple of weeks have proven particularly challenging to the renaissance myth, as several decisions were made to cancel proposed new reactor projects and shut down existing reactors. Let’s take a look at how […]

Southeast River Runs Part 1: Coal ash on the rivers we love

This is the first blog in a series featuring rivers of the Southeast endangered by toxic coal ash pollution. The rest of the series can be found here. Summer is a great time of year to get outside and play on rivers across the Southeast. Whether its paddling on the French Broad River outside of Asheville, NC or […]

City of Charleston Embraces Offshore Wind, Welcomes Opportunity

Last night, Charleston, South Carolina’s City Council passed a resolution in support of wind energy as an economic driver for our region.  The resolution acknowledged that wind energy manufacturing currently employs nearly 3,000 South Carolinians and that there is a great opportunity for market growth. We applaud Charleston City Council for taking this symbolic step […]

Knoxville Mayor Madeline Rogero Champions Efficiency!

The City of Knoxville should be proud of Mayor Madeline Rogero for her efforts to institute and advance energy efficiency! Last Friday, at the 24th annual Energy Efficiency Forum held in Washington, D.C., Mayor Rogero was awarded an Energy Leadership Award at the National Press Club for her exemplary leadership in instituting and advancing energy efficiency […]

Nuclear renaissance in Florida crumbles, meets economic reality

This blog was co-authored by SACE staff Sara Barczak and George Cavros. Has the so-called “nuclear renaissance” finally met economic reality? The nuclear industry recently experienced their “worst week” since the Fukushima disaster in Japan. Not only did Duke Energy scrap plans to build new reactors at their Shearon Harris site in North Carolina but […]