A Moment In Time A Citizen Speaks before the Georgia Public Service Commission

This post is written by Reverend Dr. Gerald L. Durley, Pastor Emeritus, Providence Missionary Baptist Church, Atlanta, GA and consultant for SACE. In all of our lives there are moments that occur which are unimaginable. On Tuesday, May 22, I experienced such as moment and my perception of a group of people was drastically altered. […]

Building Community Resiliency for Hurricane Season

This Saturday marks the beginning of hurricane season, the six month period between June 1 and November 30 that typically ushers in the bulk of Atlantic hurricanes.  The season’s opening day is a good opportunity to reflect on the significance of hurricanes, climate change, and what our role is in it all. With freak storms […]

The Calm Before the Solar Storm

This blog by Rocky Mountain Institute’s Senior Electricity Consultant, Virginia Lacy, originally appeared on the RMI Outlet, here. This is also the first blog in a series on the growth of distributed energy in the U.S. The second, “Utilities and the Distributed Energy Paradigm Shift,” was posted June 3. If I told you that a […]

How is the Nuclear Industry Evading the Long Arm of the Sequester?

SACE’s High Risk Energy Choices Director, Sara Barczak, contributed to this blog post. In April, I returned to Washington, D.C. to participate in the Alliance for Nuclear Accountability’s annual DC Days event. I joined activists from all over the country who actively work to increase the safety, transparency, and accountability of the nuclear energy industry […]

Enlisting the Sun: A Solar Powered Military in the 21st Century

With Memorial Day celebrations in full swing, it seems a good time to highlight some rather sunny developments for our nation’s military. A new report from the Solar Energy Industries Association – Enlisting the Sun: Powering the U.S. Military with Solar Energy  – shows how solar energy is playing a critical role in making the […]

Unusual Bedfellows at the Georgia PSC

What do the Georgia Tea Party, low-income advocates, faith leaders, and green business have in common? They were all at the Georgia Public Service Commission (PSC) this week calling for more clean energy in Georgia Power’s long term energy plan – some for more solar, some for expanded efficiency programs, some for retirement of coal […]

37 Southeastern Communities Join Hands for Their Coast

On Saturday, May 18, communities throughout the Southeast hosted events to stand up for their treasured places and send the message that these places must be protected from the impacts of risky fossil fuel extraction.  The events were organized as part of Hands Across the Sand, a day of international action to say “yes” to […]

Unbelievably, politicians play politics with public health

This piece, written by Dr. Olson Huff, originally ran in the Raleigh News & Observer on May 18, 2013. As a doctor, I regularly witness how harmful pollution created by burning coal and other fossil fuels affects public health. As a pediatrician, I have spent decades caring for children whose health is most compromised when […]

SACE Staff Bring Clean Energy Successes to the Southeast

SACE Director of Policy & Communications, Jennifer Rennicks, contributed to this post. As a regional organization, SACE staffers have the unique opportunity of working with a huge number of outstanding organizations and individuals across several states. There are so many hard working and dedicated groups fighting tirelessly to promote clean energy across the Southeast, and […]

TVA Turns 80

It all started with bombs. During the First World War, the federal government built two nitrate plants at Muscle Shoals, Alabama, for making explosives. Wilson Dam was built to supply electricity to these plants. After the war ended, there was disagreement over what to do with the site. Industrialists like Henry Ford envisioned the rise […]