How Clean is Your Air? The Answers Might Surprise You

Last Wednesday, the American Lung Association released its 2013 “State of the Air” report – an annual highlight of cities and regions around the country with unhealthy levels of smog and soot which lead to increased asthma attacks, heart attacks and even premature death. What a difference a few years – and stronger pollution standards […]

Sounding The Moral Trumpet for the Environment

This post is written by Reverend Dr. Gerald L. Durley, Pastor Emeritus, Providence Missionary Baptist Church, Atlanta, GA and consultant for SACE. As we celebrate Earth Month and reflect on bringing awareness and appreciation for the environment, it is incumbent on each of us to intensify our efforts to protect God’s perfect creation. For several […]

Laughing for Life: Comedy Benefit for SACE

On Saturday April 20, 2013, SACE partnered with Knox Comedy Live in the 5th Annual Laughing for Life Comedy Benefit Show.  This was the first time Knoxville, TN played host to Laughing for Life, an event created by a local Knoxville comedian, Matt Ward.  The event featured an hour of filmed comedy sketches, 2 hours […]

Georgia Power is Going With the Wind

Georgia Power has just joined other southern electric utilities by announcing a decision to buy wind energy. If the Georgia Public Service Commission agrees to the deal, the Peach State will be receiving up to 250 megawatts of wind power – enough power for about 50,000 Georgia homes – from Oklahoma around the 2016 timeframe . In doing so, Georgia Power will follow in the footsteps of the Tennessee Valley Authority, Alabama Power and the Southwestern Electric Power Company in buying wind energy from the midwest.

After 30 Years EPA Proposes New Coal Water Pollution Standards

On Friday, April 19, the Environmental Protection Agency met a court-ordered deadline and released long-awaited draft Coal Water Pollution Standards (also known as Effluent Limitation Guidelines or ELGs). These standards, originally scheduled for completion in 2012, are needed to replace woefully outdated rules to regulate wastewater discharges from coal ash, the toxic residue remaining when coal […]

Who opposes the Florida nuclear tax? Florida seniors!

Did you know that, according to a recent poll by the Florida AARP of its members (see page 3), a majority of seniors agreed that raising electric rates for new nuclear reactor proposals that may never be completed is bad business? Seniors are clearly getting the worst end of this deal, with no guarantees that they […]

Repeal of the REPS will hurt North Carolina

UPDATE: A proposal to end North Carolina’s renewable energy program was defeated by a surprisingly wide margin on Wednesday, April 24 in a legislative committee chaired by the bill’s sponsor, Rep. Mike Hager (R-Rutherford). Those opposing the proposal cited concerns that it would hurt businesses and job creation in the state’s fast-growing clean energy industry. […]

Pull plug on Florida nuclear tax

This guest post, originally published here by the Tampa Bay Times, was written by Mark Cooper, an economic analyst with the Vermont Law School’s Institute for Energy and the Environment. He is the author of  the recently released report, “Public Risk, Private Profit, Ratepayer Cost, Utility Imprudence.” To engage more on this issue, click here, […]

Why We Should Not Drill Offshore the South Atlantic

Today, April 20, marks the 3rd anniversary of the tragic Deepwater Horizon Gulf oil disaster.  In spite of how apparent it seemed three years ago that offshore drilling is a bad idea whose time has gone, today we are facing the threat of even more drilling off our beautiful coasts.  As we’ve reported before, the […]

Google pressures largest US utility company to put renewable energy on the menu

This guest blog was authored by Gary Cook, senior policy analyst at Greenpeace, USA. Google’s own blog can be found here. Thanks to some pressure from Google, the largest utility company in the U.S., Duke Energy, now plans to offer renewable energy to its major customers.  This will allow Google, who also announced plans today to […]