Embracing and Integrating Diversity at SACE

To bring the Southeast closer to a clean energy future, the Southern Alliance for Clean Energy recognizes that this critical transition must be equitable and afford all people and communities access to goods, resources and opportunities. At SACE, we believe that the future success of any energy and climate movement will be determined by how […]

And The Award for Biggest Taxpayer Ripoff Goes To?

Jeannie McKinney, SACE Communications Coordinator, contributed to this post. Whether or not you joined in the hype surrounding the Oscars earlier this week, we’ve got one award show we promise you don’t want to miss. While most awards honor the best and the brightest, today we highlight a special award that honors exactly the opposite. […]

EPA: Coal Plants Still #1 Source of U.S. Carbon Emissions

There’s nothing like a heaping serving of data to really drive a point home – and that’s exactly what the Environmental Protection Agency does with its most recent report of plant-by-plant emissions data.  EPA’s 2011 Greenhouse Gas Reporting Program report is loaded with emissions data from 1,594 fossil fuel plants across the nation.  The resoundingly […]

Gov. McCrorys Disconnect on Beaches and Offshore Drilling

This is a guest post by Institute for Southern Studies Editorial Director, Sue Sturgis.  This piece was originally posted on the Institute for Southern Studies’ blog, Facing South. In his first State of the State address this week, North Carolina Gov. Pat McCrory called for moving forward with oil and gas exploration off the state’s […]

Southern Company: Squirreling the Energy Efficiency Debate

‘Squirreling’ is banned at the World Schools Debating Championships. What, you don’t know what squirreling is? Or what it has to do with energy efficiency? Well, today is your lucky day! According to those who set the rules for debate competitions, squirreling is the unreasonable redefinition of a term in debate in favor of the team […]

What Government Can Do Now

What do the five largest U.S. coal companies, five largest U.S. utilities, five largest U.S. auto manufacturers, leading environmental organizations and labor unions representing over 14 million Americans all have in common? Each received a letter from the newly created bicameral Congressional Task Force on Climate Change soliciting ideas for how the federal government can […]

Going the Distance: Range Anxiety Overlooks the EV Sweet Spot

This blog by Rocky Mountain Institute’s Editorial Director, Peter Bronski, originally appeared on the RMI Outlet, here. There’s a famous clip from the sitcom Seinfeld, where Kramer takes a car out for a test drive and—with a nervous but eventually supportive salesman in the passenger seat—sees just how far he can drive with the needle […]

Honoring the Founding Fathers with Energy Freedom

SACE Renewable Energy Manager, Charlie Coggeshall, and SACE Director of Research, John Wilson, contributed to this post. This week, we celebrate George Washington’s birthday to honor the leadership of our first president in particular, and that of our founding fathers in general.  Our founding fathers had a bold vision for the United States–a land of […]

Bullying the messenger, burying the truth on CRS coal ash report

Four years ago the Kingston coal ash disaster put a spotlight on the need for federal coal ash regulations when a dam failed, releasing one billion gallons of the toxic waste, poisoning 300 acres and 2 nearby rivers. Since Kingston, there have been numerous attempts to push inadequate coal ash regulations through Congress. Last year, a report […]

56 Floridians Travel to Washington D.C. for Massive Rally for Presidential Action on Climate Crisis

“Forward on Climate” rally, expected to draw 20,000 Americans, will be largest climate rally ever.    UPDATE:  35,000-40,000 participated–it was an exciting and inspiring day!  Look for follow-up post soon. On Sunday, February 17, fifty-six people of all ages from North Florida will be in Washington, D.C. to join a massive rally calling on President […]