Hurricane Season Draws to Close, Sandy Begs for Action

November 30–the day that many of us in the coastal Southeast can breathe a sigh of relief that hurricane season finally “officially” ends.  Many of us can give thanks that we came through yet another hurricane season without too much damage, while others of us may still be recovering from impacts from one of the […]

Establishing a Wind Powered Economic Zone: North Myrtle Beach Reaches for Offshore Wind

On November 19, the City of North Myrtle Beach, South Carolina officially became a “wind-powered economic zone” by proclamation of a City Council resolution.  This resolution represents true leadership in the realm of clean energy and a genuine effort to better the community through economic development, community pride, and environmental protection. By becoming a wind […]

Can We Reinvent Fire in the Southeast?

Here at SACE, we have been investigating new clean energy ideas that we can build on. These efforts have lead us to Rocky Mountain Institute‘s most recent publication, Reinventing Fire: Bold Business Solutions for a New Energy Era. Reinventing Fire caught our eye because it offers a future without coal, oil or nuclear power and with […]

What could the 2012 elections mean for climate and energy policy in the Southeast?

Although a final few races are still being determined, including several recounts or runoffs here in the Southeast as noted by the circled districts to the right, the vast majority of the 2012 races have been decided. Here, in the ten Southeastern states that SACE covers, voters elected 1 new governor, 4 U.S Senators, nearly […]

This Isnt Settled Yet

This guest post, written by Dan Favre, Communications Director for Gulf Restoration Network, originally appeared on GRN’s blog here. [Editorial note: Sadly, just hours after this landmark settlement, another Gulf oil platform explosion has injured and potentially killed crew members, reaffirming the fact that offshore drilling is a high risk energy source and brings questions […]

TVA exceeds its efficiency goals, but still lags in the nation

TVA issued a press release on the results of its 2012 fiscal year energy efficiency numbers at the beginning of the month, and we are happy to see that TVA and its distributors exceeded their energy efficiency goals. TVA reported that its energy efficiency and demand response programs reduced electricity useage by 560 GWh in […]

Many Coal Plants in the SE are Ripe for Retirement

Today the Union of Concerned Scientists released an important new report entitled “Ripe for Retirement: The Case for Closing America’s Costliest Coal Plants”, which highlights the financial uncertainty of many coal plants around the nation.  It turns out that the Southeast is home to a staggering number of inefficient and uneconomic coal plants. As of  May 31, […]

Floridians Take Action Opposing Nuclear Tax

From the Florida Supreme Court to Bonnie Raitt concerts, Florida’s controversial “nuclear tax” is getting a lot of attention. On October 4th I, along with my SACE colleagues and attorneys, attended the oral arguments for our high-profile challenge of the cost recovery statute before the Florida Supreme Court. The “nuclear tax” refers to bad, anti-consumer […]

Sandy is Gone, Wind Power is On

About 3,500 megawatts of wind turbine capacity was in the path of Hurricane Sandy. As we wrote on October 26th, it wasn’t expected that Hurricane Sandy would cause much damage to wind turbines. Based on the experience from another Category 1 hurricane (Irene) that struck the Mid-Atlantic last year, the turbines in the region proved that they are built to withstand hurricane-force winds.

Thus far, it appears that no wind turbines suffered catastrophic failure because of Sandy.

What Obama Election Means for Coal, Climate Change, and American Energy Future

This blog, entitled “What Obama’s Re-Election Means for Coal, Climate Change, and America’s Energy Future” was written by Mary Anne Hitt, Director of the Sierra Club’s Beyond Coal Campaign, and originally appeared in Sierra Club’s Compass blog and can be found here. President Obama’s victory yesterday was a victory for clean energy, one that gives us […]